Books that I read at the start of the year on my kindle

I started the year off strong as I felt I didn’t read nearly enough last year. One of the last gifts I had from my Dad was a kindle and so to honour him I want to keep our love of reading up! I have been reading a mix of kindle, paperback and audio book as well as joining some book subscriptions.

I started off with joining up a witchy themed book club and it encouraged me to pick up ‘The mercies’. I probably wouldn’t have picked up this book myself but it was cheap on kindle so I figured I would give it a go! ‘The Mercies’ is by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. The book takes place in 1600s Norway in the coastal village Vardo following a group of women who have suffered great loss of all the village fishermen to a great storm. Twenty year old Maren loses her father and brother to the storm and we follow her journey when a witch hunter comes to town and she falls for his wife. I really enjoyed this book and felt like it spoke of how women who found independence and hope in this time got dubbed witches by men and even worse women because it wasn’t the norm of the society of the times.


My toxic trait is reading multiple books at the same time or not knowing when to DNF but I loved ‘The luckiest guy alive’ by John Cooper Clarke. I am a big fan of poetry, especially working class words. I have  always listened to John cooper Clarke but never sat down and read his work on paper and my brother gifted me this on kindle. I really enjoyed this but you can’t read poetry in one sitting so it was great to pick up and read now and again until I finished. If you haven’t checked out John Cooper Clarke I recommend hearing his spoken word first and then you will ultimately read his poetry in your head the way he reads it. 

Another book that was through the witchy book club was “Nineteen seventy” by Sarah M Cradit. This was so hard to get into for me and I almost did not finish this one but I’m stubborn.  There's a family of seven teenagers who all have different abilities which are uncovered slowly, their Mom married into this magical family so has no ability herself and struggles to support them. Only there’s issues with all of them navigating these gifts along the way causing a series of dramas.  Once you get used to who the characters are it actually becomes interesting and easier to follow. I think for me it was just very overwhelming at first to take on so many characters at once. This is part of a longer series and I am curious what happens next with this family. A lot of the book club didn’t finish this book and moved onto something else but like I like to give books a chance:

I have so many other amazing books I’ve read this year to talk about and they are still adding up. What have you been reading?


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