Games I Have Been Playing Recently PlayStation and Switch

If like me you beat to your own drum when it comes to games and seem to be playing games after there’s been tons of new ones don’t worry. Discovering new games to play, especially when they are cheaper, is always fun. I have still been playing Disney Dreamlight valley as there has been a new update. 

I was really excited when I saw the PlayStation plus catalogue had Rune factory 4 available as I have had it on my wish list for some time. My brother told me I would like it and he wasn’t wrong! If you also haven’t played it yet and enjoy farming and RPG games then this is a great combo for you. With cutesy anime graphics you are sent on a quest to save a town and the dragon leader but in the meantime you must earn your keep by farming and befriend all the town. Think Stardew valley with fantasy elements. I just finished the main quest storyline and it was really fun but there is still plenty to do in the game. I’m still trying to charm and wed one of the townsfolk and grow my farm. You can also befriend monsters along the way who will help you on the farm. There’s a whole series of Rune factory games and I am definitely going to invest in some. 

When Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was released I was stoked but then I realised I had not finished Breath of the wild! So I went back to the beginning and got stuck in and remembered how much I love this game. Also never be afraid to restart a game I always find every time I restart or replay a game you tend to find more than you did the first time around. Zelda is great for breathtaking views and high action fights, also not to forget fun cooking and puzzles. If you haven’t played Zelda before don’t be intimidated give this a go and you don’t have to tackle big tasks straight away you can potter about cooking and learning the game first. I love open world games where you have freedom to choose what you feel like doing each time you play. 

Me and the Mr really enjoy choose your own adventure style games. It’s like having a movie night but you’re in control of what happens next plus it lasts longer with hours of fun gameplay. As soon as we saw adverts for The Quarry we knew it was going to be our kind of game. I’m not going to go into this one too much as I have a full review coming up but you can play this one solo or with someone and you get to make choices which ultimately choose your path. We are on a second play though to try and save more of our pals this time around and see if we get some different scenes. This is also a great game for horror fans who aren’t amazing at games and you’re not required to do anything too complicated. 

What games are you playing? Any suggestions of what I should play next? 


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