Abominable Book Club July Unboxing and Review

 It’s time again to unbox the latest Abominable book club! This is the last box in my three month subscription and I have loved every box. They are really good value for money. You get a lot for your buck with two new books (at least one signed), pins, snacks, drinks and a preloved mystery book. It’s been a real pleasure getting these surprises for the last few months and was the best birthday present! I unboxed all of them over on TikTok so please do come give me a follow. 

We got the usual drinks with a selection of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The variety is great and the perfect pairing for relaxing to get in the right mindset for a reading session. The snack this month was some farmhouse biscuits in the flavour country crunch. These syrupy coconut taste go great with a cup of tea. 

The first book in the box is ‘The Others of Edenwell’ by Verity M Holloway. A brand new book that comes with a signed bookplate too! This is an historical spooky fiction set in the 1900s a dark spirit is haunting this retreat and there’s a boy who talks to birds. There sounds like a lot of interesting elements to this book and I’m really excited to get stuck in. I haven’t read a ghost story in forever and I hope this one haunts me. 

The next book in the box, another new and signed by one of the authors, is ‘Girls of little hope’ by Sam Beckbessinger and Dale Halvorsen. A story about three teenage girls who go into the woods and only one comes back. This sounds like a great mystery with lots to discover an adventure to be shared with the reader. This is the kind of book I would pick up if I saw it in a book shop. The best thing about this subscription box is every book has been something I have been excited to experience. 

The mystery wrapped book I received another from  Dean Koontz I have never read any of his work so for me that’s a win. This one is called ‘The Taking’. This has alien themes and I have never read an alien based fiction but love alien movies! Once again I have to mention how beautifully wrapped these books are. The wax seal makes it feel so special to unwrap and they have been one of the things I have looked forward to most! I will definitely be trying some blind date with a book options from some of the many on TikTok to fill the void until I can grab this subscription again. 

With every box you get two bookmarks one is horror themed and the other an abominable book club with a short fiction of its own. All my horror ones have taken pride of place on our mirror. This month it was ‘The Stuff’ , a great film which reminds me that I need to watch it again! 

The pins you also receive in the box are phenomenal! They are huge and if you were to buy these from a pin place would cost £10 plus alone! This month was a stunning monster planchette I rose gold. 

I have adored getting these boxes and I am already saving up to grab another subscription from them! If you have been debating getting this box you need to grab it. They sell out fast every month so check early. You can also buy bookmarks, books and other bits straight from the website so if you just want to invest in one honestly support this independent business! I may have to grab a mystery book bag.



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