Your Confidence Has Suffered A Knock - What Now?

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Confidence is less like a stable foundation, and more like a fire - even the most roaring blaze can be humbled quickly, even by a gust of wind strong enough to dampen its strength. For this reason, even those who may be confident and comfortable in themselves may one day suffer a knock that leaves them in doubt. This can be hard to deal with.

However, never fear, for even the weakest ember can again become a roaring fire provided it’s nurtured in the right way, and of course, if you feed it correctly. As such, don’t think that a knock to your confidence has to be “the truth” you live with, nor that you’ll never get back to your usual self.

Life has a way of testing us all, but there are always back to being your best and most proactive self. In this post, we’ll discuss a few avenues towards that, helping you make the most of self-love and developing into the person you’ve always wanted to be:

Put Yourself Out There

When your confidence is lowered, it’s important to try and reignite that flame through something you’re interested in, and that makes you feel nervous. This is because a small victory now can build into a real sense of self-worth later. For instance, heading to your local open mic and trying out your amateur comedy routine might sound scary to begin with, but attending an event with other people in the same boat, sharing a laugh, and having no-frills fun will help you come out of your shell a little. After all, the worst thing you can do when lacking confidence is to isolate yourself.

Reconfirm Your Worth

You have inherent worth, and it’s important to recognize that. Confidence isn’t something you have to “earn” and then register with an official organization that permits you to keep it. You might decide to buy a new dress, or express yourself through creative writing, or start painting again, or even just ask your partner for a little support. These efforts do add up over time, helping you feel a little better about who you are and what you have to offer, and helping you avoid that negative self-talk spiral that will convince you of perspectives that aren’t true.

Focus On Your Achievements

You’ve survived all of your bad days, and are still willing to give things another go. That speaks volumes, and we’re willing to bet you have other achievements to be proud of, too. Try not to compare yourself to others, because that’s not healthy. For instance, one person might enjoy climbing Mount Everest, but another person could endure an equal challenge in trying to work around their OCD symptoms, going to talking therapy sessions, and resisting relapsing into bad habits. Both of these deserve an equal amount of respect, even though one might seem like a more objective idea of what “achievement” is. As you can see, your perspective matters, so focus on your achievements where you can, too.

With this advice, we hope you can reconfirm your worth after suffering a confidence knock - because if there’s anything the world needs, it’s a confident, proactive you.


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