What Have I Been Watching? Wednesday, Last Of Us and Paper Girls

There are so many streaming sites to choose from now it’s hard to keep up with them all! Each offering a great host of new shows. I love nothing more than finding a series and binge watching it.  I have spoke about shows I have been watching before but it has been some time. I hate waiting around for new episodes but the beauty of streaming is you mostly don’t have to.

An exception to this was 'The Last Of Us'. I watched each episode as it was released on Now. I’m a fan of the game and it’s amazing storyline but I didn’t have high hopes as most game to tv/movie doesn’t come out well. Last of Us however blew me away! The casting was perfect Bella Ramsey is the perfect sassy and badass Ellie and Pedro Pascal an amazing Joel. You feel like you’re on the adventure with them just like the game and all the emotion is captured along the way. The post-apocalyptic scenery is true to the game. The vast decay of the world that you want to risk exploring even if it does mean getting ripped apart by fungal zombie beasts. If you haven’t watched or played the game you can do one without the other however I suggest giving both a go you won’t be sorry.

Another adaptation that I really enjoyed hosted by Amazon is Paper girls. Paper girls is based on a series of comic books of the same name. Following four 12 year old girls from different parts of the same neighbourhood. A group of young girls delivering papers may not sound very exciting but throw in some time travelling world destroying elements and you may get why this is such a great story. This comic was begging to be adapted and the series was pretty amazing. Sadly it didn’t get picked up for a second series despite winning awards but I still suggest giving it a watch and if you find yourself hooked then pick up the comics to find out what happens next. Plus the more people that watch we may get that long awaited second series. 

Another great series that I’m sure you would have already heard of is Wednesday featured on Netflix. Whenever something new comes from something you already love like the Addams family it’s hard not to worry how it will turn out. Again Wednesday didn’t let us down. A fantastic reimagined in bringing not only Wednesday but the whole Addams family into the modern day. The fascination of the Addams family is usually seeing them in a normal world but this magical school Wednesday attends brings a new element and friends too. Jenna Ortega plays a fantastic Wednesday and I love that the OG Christiana Ricci plays a part in the show. Jenna puts her own spin on Wednesday but keeps that deadpan girl we all know and love. The dance scene is a massive highlight seeing Wednesday cut loose and the dress is just dreamy too...if that is what prom is like sign me right up.

What have you been watching?


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