Abominable Book Club May box Review and unboxing

 I am a huge bookworm and love nothing more than getting lost in a new world and so I am always looking for new things to read. Choosing a new book can be delightful but can also be super overwhelming when you just want to read them all. I have been seeing so many book subscription services come up but when I saw the Abominable book club I knew I had to get it sometime! My mother in law kindly surprise gifted me a 3 month subscription for my birthday and I was beyond excited. The other day I got my first box and am super excited to share what I got. 

The Full guts subscription comes with two new books, one signature, a pre-loved book and lots of treats. If you are just wanting some books there’s also a subscription for that too. If you just want to try one off there’s also a shop where you can get grab bags, books you have missed out on or cool pins. All the books are horror themed so if you love a spooky theme then this is for you. 

I made my first TikTok video by unboxing the box too. I would love it if you checked it out and let me know any videos you would like to see! 

The first book in the box was “Patricia wants to cuddle” by Samantha Allen. This one also came with a signature which is really cool. I hadn’t heard of this book or author before so had to look her up. She's an LGBT author and freelance journalist. This book has a real final girl feel to it that I am really stoked to get stuck into. 

The next book is a stunning hardback dark fairy tale by Cassandra Khaw called “The Salt grows heavy” this one is about a mermaid who is besties with a plague doctor and they have to go on an adventure together. Being a fantasy nerd this sounds great and looks like a quick read. Both of these books weren’t already on my goodreads to read list so I’m glad to be discovering more authors. 

I just love how the preloved books are packaged, wrapped in brown paper and string and wax sealed. It feels like a real treat to open up and I’m  a huge fan of used horror paperbacks so find this the most fun part of the box. The book I unwrapped was an anthology “the mammoth book of best new horror”. I read a lot of short story collections as I like to pick them up while I’m reading other books and it’s a great way to discover other authors. 

The extra treats are some lovely tea by offblak and some coffees and hot chocolate. I also received some beautiful fudge. I love the bookmarks but my favourite extra was the stunning pin which is glitter and cute. You really get a box packed with goodies and it’s a great way to discover new authors! I have two more boxes to come so let me know if you want to see those too! 

Do you have any subscription boxes? 


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