A selection of the world’s best wildlife holiday destinations


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When assessing the various types of travel experiences we can typically have, there certainly isn’t a shortage of options for holidaymakers. In fact, we can venture practically anywhere these days and explore a variety of different holiday packages in a selection of different foreign territories. 

For some, the option of relaxing on a tropical beach for a week with a constant stream of cocktails is the ideal solution. For others, though, the opportunity of exploring a wild setting full of natural beauty and a diverse selection of wildlife is a dream. Thankfully, wildlife lovers aren’t short on options in 2022, either. Witnessing wildlife in the flesh certainly beats an animal-themed slots gaming experience or watching a David Attenborough-narrated documentary, too. A holiday combining gorgeous scenery and amazing wild animals is arguably one of the most life-changing trips you can take. From penguins and polar bears to lions and puffins, there are plenty of wild encounters worth considering for your next holiday. Let’s take a look at some of them below. 

Picathartes/Pangolins - Ghana 

Most people consider Africa to be the ultimate home of wildlife. While South Africa is a remarkable option for safari-goers, Ghana is rapidly becoming West Africa’s premier wildlife destination. In terms of picathartes and pangolins, the small tropical country is blessed with a large population of these magnificent animals. Many holidaymakers venture to the country for 10-day tours that typically offer sightings of some of the wild’s most famous creatures, although Ghana’s reputation for being the best place on the planet for pangolins and the rare yellow-headed picathartes makes it the ideal wildlife holiday destination for many. 

Koala - Australia

Perhaps Australia’s most iconic animal, witnessing a koala in its natural habitat is a sight many people are desperate to see. Found in an Australian eucalyptus forest and very hard to spot on the whole, these slow and shy creatures are usually seen in the trees as they sleep and eat their way to survival. Seeing them in their home is easy to achieve in a country that has an affinity with the animal. 

Mammals - Uganda 

Similar to the aforementioned Ghana, Uganda is another African territory with a fantastic wildlife offering. Particularly famous for its population of mammals, including monkeys and chimpanzees, a popular spot for many tourists is the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, one of the most exotic rural environments on the planet. If you want to explore other environments with a large selection of animals, then Queen Elizabeth National Park is a fantastic option also. 

Moose - Sweden Image

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Not many people know this, but Sweden has more moose per square kilometer than any other country. Able to be seen all year round as they frequent lakes and feed on a variety of plants, moose are beautiful creatures that are adored by the Swedish population on the whole. While seeing moose is the main aim of a trip to Sweden, you can typically enjoy a selection of extreme activities along the way also, from canoeing and rafting to hiking and biking. 

Birds - Nepal 

Home to excellent wildlife reserves, including Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and the forested hills of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal is a favoured destination for bird lovers in particular. Typically, people see an array of exotic birds, but the red-headed trogon, lesser racquet-tailed drongo, and the white-tailed Rubythroat are prominent. 

Other wildlife holiday options to consider include tigers in India, blue wales and leopards in Sri Lanka, orangutans in Borneo, Iberian lynx in Spain, polar bears in Norway, jaguars in Brazil, pumas in Chile, and whales and dolphins in Monterey Bay. 


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