The Health Benefits of Being Near the Beach or Ocean

 Grass and sand near the ocean - Image Courtesy of Pexels

Being near the beach or ocean on holiday is most people's first priority. We have an affinity for nature. And it doesn't get more wonderful than relaxing among white sands and clear water.

A Serene Space

We love visiting the beach and ocean as they are so far removed from the busy lives most of us have. When you go to these places, you can forget your troubles and take in the serenity of the ocean. Just try watching the sun go down over the pacific ocean without feeling an overwhelming sense of calm. Doing this from places like the luxury villas to rent in Quinta do Lago and other exotic places makes booking your next holiday at the beach well worth it.

Relieving the Stress

Ever wonder why ocean and beach sounds are used in sleep machines and sound effects? There are good reasons for that. The number one reason to go to the beach is to relieve stress. Serotonin is released almost as soon as you get to the beach, and both the sound and sight of the ocean are calming and peaceful. Sounds like crashing waves, shells, and even seagulls are often used in sleep machines because they are soothing to hear as you yearn to get away.

Being Near the Beach Promotes Exercise

The beach is the best place to lose weight, stay in shape, or just let off some steam. Some benefits are physical, and others are mental. Here are some of the ways it promotes exercise:

  • Running along the beach at sunset improves mood and health.

  • Take a dip in the ocean and use every muscle in your body by swimming.

  • Just walking on sand takes more balance and requires more muscles.

You can also start a new hobby like surfing. But if that's not your thing, you can get some exercise by digging a hole, building sandcastles or just collecting unusual shells.

Healthier Sleeping Habits

People who have trouble sleeping and want a natural solution should go to the beach. Because going to the beach helps with three things that make it hard to sleep. High levels of stress and anxiety, not being physically tired, and hormonal imbalances. Walking on the beach makes you feel instantly relaxed, and it's also a great way to get some exercise. Also, the sun and less stress help keep hormones that affect sleep in balance, such as melatonin and cortisol.

Boost Your Health

Saltwater has unique antibacterial properties that make it great for treating wound-related infections. But it also helps with conditions inside the body. Also, the iodine in ocean water, which is good for you in other ways, is a great way to boost your immune system. It is very good at killing germs, and it also helps the thyroid gland work better, which makes your immune system stronger. The cold water is also known to boost the immune system and serotonin.


There are some health benefits of being near the beach. These include taking in the serenity, promoting exercise and boosting health through the immune system and serotonin boosts.


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