How You Should Invest Your Time In Your 20s

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In life, your 20s are a particularly critical stage. You transition from being a huge toddler who hardly knows how to feed herself to an adult who is expected to talk retirement plans and perhaps even raise young children in just ten years. Yes, growing pains. You develop your own identity during this time, learn who you are as a person apart from your parent's home, and figure out what you want and don't want. You don't want to waste this decade. These years are sometimes referred to as "formative" years, and the habits you develop during this time might last the rest of your life. So how could you best utilize this time? Read on to find out.

  1. Take preventative measures to stay healthy

You should take advantage of this period in your life to proactively invest in your health by eating a healthy diet, exercising frequently, getting enough sleep, visiting your doctor frequently, and caring for your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. These can be implemented by simple but long-term functioning steps such as investing in clear teeth straighteners or even the counseling sessions you’ve been putting off. 

  1. Learn a new skill or find a new hobby

One of the best ways to add a sense of fulfillment to a busy life is through hobbies. They help you decompress from work stress and give you a sense of connection to the things you enjoy. In your twenties, it's critical to choose a pastime you enjoy so that you have a passion for life. Examine a variety of activities to see which ones make you feel the most alive.

You should start learning a new talent in your twenties, whether it's a language or an instrument. The time you have to learn new talents will be virtually nonexistent as you get older, assume more obligations, and raise a family. Not sure where to begin? Select a talent that you will love learning or that will help your career or overall quality of life. For instance, you could start traveling on a budget in order to learn about other cultures, and ways of life, or simply to put a new language you’ve learned to good use. 

  1. Cultivate loving friendships

While having plenty of friends is fine, having a select group of close friends you can always count on becomes increasingly crucial as you age. Look for people in your twenties who truly support you in everything you do. The best time to develop close connections is in your twenties because as your job progresses and your life grows busy, you'll need a close-knit group of pals to rely on more and more.

  1. Set standards for yourself and your relationships

You should be establishing your criteria for relationships, friendships, yourself, and how people treat you in general right now. In your twenties, establish these criteria and put them to the test. You may discover that some of your criteria are unreasonably strict or idealistic, or you may discover that your standards are too low. In either case, these are crucial lessons to remember in order to develop the proper standards that will guide you for the rest of your life.


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