Road 96 switch game review

About a month ago switch online flagged a game for a trial and it looked like an interesting idea, so I figured I would give it a go. Road 96 had a fun trial that hooked me in. It’s a game that is based on choices and your choices can create change within the game. If you’re a fan of games like Life is strange then you should give this a go. The game is made by French studio DigiXArt who also created great games such as “11-11: Memories retold” and “lost in memories”.

We begin with a series of choices all of which lead to you becoming a runaway teen. Your choices just decide which one and how good a starting position you will have, such as money and location on the map. The game is set in Petria, a country under a lot of political strain with an upcoming election. Teens are fleeing their homes in the hopes to cross the border to make a difference but are getting caught and sent to secret work camps. Your aim is to cross the border safely without getting caught, killed or arrested. Along the way you meet a series of characters who all have a backstory you get to learn over multiple plays to get the main plot line. 

The characters are a lot of fun from fellow runaway teens, incompetent robbers, news readers and a murder. All have different sides to a bigger story and you help them to get further along the map. You can also find new things in each location like a key can get you into a back room you couldn’t enter before. Be careful your choices can lead to arrest, death or freedom in just one click. I love choosing your own adventure style games and had a lot of fun playing Route 96. I easily put 10 hours into the game and for the price that’s pretty reasonable especially from an independent game. You can put it down and pick back up from where you left off with ease.

Graphics wise it’s pretty decent for an independent game and with more money behind it I would love to see where it can go. I liked how it made me feel like I was playing an old school choose and click game on a pc rather than a switch. I paid £16.99 for the game and for the amount of play time I have out of it I believe that’s a really reasonable pricing. I’m looking forward to many more playthroughs to see if I can get more teens across the border to save Petria.

This is your sign to always try trail games. I have found lots of games I like or thought I would like and just couldn’t get into this way. It’s also a pretty easy and fun game so if you’re not a super skilled gamer don’t worry! The subject is suitable for teenagers and adults but not children. Gaming together could be fun with this too!

What games have you been playing? Have you played Road 96? What did you think? 


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