A Guide To Buying Antique Jewellery


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If you have a passion for jewellery, especially fine antique and vintage pieces, you will be looking forward to collecting fine items to accessorise your looks. We are living in a digital age, of that there’s little doubt and when it comes to sourcing quality antique jewellery, Google is your best friend. All antique dealers have a strong online profile and whether a one-off acquisition of a Victorian diamond engagement ring, or regular accessories to add to a growing collection, you can browse many catalogues found on reputable dealers’ websites.


Decide On A Budget


Rather than simply browsing antique jewellery pieces, you should decide how much you are prepared to spend on the said item and then start looking in that price range. Most dealers’ websites have a search by price feature. There’s isn’t much point in looking at big ticket pieces if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, rather decide how much you are prepared to invest and search by price. Let’s not forget that all antique dealers are networked to each other via the Internet, so if you are looking for a very special diamond engagement ring or ruby necklace, it can be sourced. Luckily, there are a lot of antique jewellers and they have an extensive catalogue of genuine antiques at affordable prices.


Knowing The History


Of course, you want to know as much as you can about the history of a fine antique piece of jewellery; who knows what that pair of Edwardian earrings have witnessed? The imagination can run rife, but it is nice to know some things about previous owners and the history at that time. Very often, the dealer would know the maker and who commissioned it and who the lucky recipient was!


Secure Online Payments


As you would expect, the online antique dealer runs a secure site and once payment is made, the item would be packaged and despatched by courier to your home address. In the event you wish to take a physical look at the item, a private viewing appointment can be arranged, when you can learn more about the piece and its history.


Choosing An Antique Dealer


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Not all antique dealers trade with jewellery, but those that do can typically source anything and everything. There are online reviews that you can read, which helps you to determine 
the level of service you can expect; if you are a regular buyer, you are advised to forge an alliance with a respected online dealer. You can start with visiting sites such as https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au/, which focuses on antique jewellery and hopefully, you can culture a good working relationship and trust will evolve. 


The antique dealer is not someone who is trying to make money out of you, rather he is an essential link to acquisitions and also an appraiser. Once you have a good working relationship with a local antique dealer, you can ask their advice at any time and they can source pieces you have in mind.


Using the Internet enables you to compare pieces and prices and when you form a good relationship with one dealer, you can source genuine antique pieces at will.


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