Get That Sunny Feeling - Embracing The Summer In The UK

Sipping an ice-cold drink while dangling your legs in a swimming pool is the summer dream for many of us. Of course, with most of the UK not travelling abroad this year, and with British weather tending to rain, even in the summer things might not feel as bright as we’d like. Happily, there are some simple tactics you can use to get into the spirit of summer, even if you have to spend your time indoors. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Invest in a summer outfit 

One way to feel summery fast is to invest in a new seasonal outfit. In particular sundresses with a retro edge and full circle skirt are a great choice for the warmer seasons, especially if they are made from cotton. Accessories with some cute sandals and an adorable clutch and you will be feeling summery before you know it! 

Embrace summer flavours 

Summer isn't only about how hot the weather is, it's also about the experience you have at this time of year like snacking on some yummy summer food and sipping delicious summer drinks. Concerning food, BBQs paired with some exciting salads are a great idea, so why not get creative and add some fruit, nuts, and seeds to flavourful leaves like Little Gem, and rocket?

 If you are looking for something sweeter, then making your very own iced lollies is a fab (pardon the pun!) way and embracing those summer flavours. All you need to do is puree up some fruit and freeze in special molds.  


You can add a hint of your favorite tipple to your ice lollies too, making them that little bit more exciting!  You may even want to embrace summer flavours in other areas of your life as well, including your vape Juice. Happily, by finding a Vape Shop online you will be able to see all the yummy flavours they offer. Look out for the particularly summary triple flavours that combine fruits like mango orange and peach. 

Paddling pools aren't just for kids 

Another way to embrace that summer feeling is to treat yourself to a paddling pool for the back garden. OK, so it's not quite a full-size infinity pool like you get on holiday, but it still can be a lot of fun, and a great way to cool down. 

The best thing is you can get paddling pools in all shapes and sizes now, with some costing as little as £3! 

Create your perfect summer playlist 

Last, of all, there is nothing that will get you in the summer mood faster than playing your most favorite sunshine songs! Of course, whether that means looking for a rendition of Zorba the Greek on your streaming service, or cracking out your old punk Vinyl will be up to you! Just be sure to include all your most favorite tunes that remind you of happy and sunny summers past. Oh, and a nice cold beer or rum-laced Tiki cocktail to enjoy along with your sounds of the summer will be the icing on the cake. 


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