Is artificial intelligence good for the workforce?

 Hey Cats, 

The world is changing constantly before our eyes, especially when it comes to technology. I still remember having a huge phone with a massive aerial, TVs that took up huge amounts of space and it wasn’t unusual not to have a computer. Wow that makes me sound old but look how far we have come! We now have devices that can find us any song, switch on the lights and even robotic hoovers as normality in everyday households and we even use computers to find love online. If artificial intelligence in technology has made huge advances in the home then just imagine what it can do for business. 

There has been a running argument with the increase of technology, especially those that use artificial intelligence that it can end up taking jobs from people. I have even heard people use this as an argument not to use self checkouts in supermarkets. This is not really the case at all. Technology like that of self checkouts were implemented into stores to give the customer more freedom and speed to shop. I personally, when having a bad anxiety day, prefer  to use this method so I can get in and out of a store quickly without the pressure of the person behind me.  A machine can never give us the personable customer service that human interaction does. Companies will never want to discourage that at all. Instead they use it to streamline their company and make tasks easier for their workers to allow them to focus on more creative tasks. 

Monotonous tasks for workers can become overwhelming and lead to workers becoming unsatisfied with their jobs and put under a lot of emotional stress. By using quality control in business such as optical sorting machines means huge tasks can be completed quickly. Using these machines to make sure 1000s of products are to standard in just one night something a human eye could miss or become distracted is without a doubt an advantage to any company and its employees. Giving employees the freedom to have roles that are more fulfilling. 

Some companies are making strides on how they train their staff using virtual reality headsets. Engineers can wear technology that can literally put trainees in their shoes. By wearing a vr headset they can see how to perform complicated tasks and see first hand which is amazing for training any employee. This technology can move forward into many industries such as drs with surgery or even down to every day retail these opportunities are adaptable to all industries. For any employee to be able to watch and learn has been proven to be the best kind of learning other than doing the tasks themselves which they will feel like they are in this immersive world. Quicker learning for employees isn’t just great for the company, it will also make people happier in their role if they feel well informed and ready to take on the task. 

These are just the advancements that are available right now in another 10 years the amazing minds will come up with so much more. 

Do you have any great technology in your work environment? 


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