What We Look for in a New Home

 When we are looking for a home, particularly our first home, we want everything to be perfect, so we tend to want things to at least look new. This can be achieved best by seeking out a property on new housing development. One such as Highland Bridge St Paul, that has been newly developed.

This article will look at just what it is that we look for in a new home and consider why so many of us want new.


A New Look

Those of us with busy lives, which will be the case if we can afford to buy our own home, will want to purchase a property that has everything already built into it to a high standard, and that is ideally brand new with nothing to have to do to it. This not only saves on additional expense but means that we do not have to put the time in making something right that should have been that way in the first place. Second-hand homes are not always left in the state a new buyer would wish to find them. Often because someone has lived in them for years and for financial reasons not necessarily maintained them to the highest standards. Circumstances have perhaps resulted in the sale and so it was never considered how the house would look to a potential buyer.



It can be costly to obtain surveys to make sure that an old house is structurally sound and meets today’s standards. If you are buying a new house from a reputable property developer, you know this will be the case. All the new regulations will have been adhered to and the work guaranteed for many years to come.



The house will be easier and less costly to insure when a house has been built in the modern era, because all the considerations that insurance companies consider, the property developer will have done to make their property more desirable to purchase. For instance, it will not be built on ground that can potentially subside, or too close to water that can create a flood risk.


Fixtures and Fittings

If buying a house that has had a previous owner, they will often take fixtures and fittings with them that will proveuseful for the house they are then moving into. This is annoying when things such as curtains cannot be put straight up onto their runners. It also means less privacy initially. There are stories that could be told of all sorts of things that have been removed by previous houseowners, so that the new owner does not benefit financially from anything in relation to the sale. With a house on a new property development, however, you do not need to worry about any of this because all useful fixtures will be in place as part of the new build. The homes will, after all, only sell to prospective buyers because of them looking nice and having all the modern features and extras. It is their unique selling point, and the advantage of buying new.


Nothing Old to Adapt

Another feature of buying new houses on a housing development is that because there is nothing old, there will be nothing to have to adapt to fit your modern purposes. Instead, you can make use of fixtures straight away in the way that they work best from new. Invariably, adapting something someone else has once used to fit your own purposes is rarely successful and you only end up replacing it with something new and more practical.

The walls are less likely to begin as a colour clash because builders will choose neutral colours that please everyone, not bizarre colours that suit only one taste.


Cost Savings

Cost savings can be made by buying a new house because of the lack of work that needs doing to it. Repair work will not be required for some time, so this can all be factored into the buying cost. 


In conclusion, there are many reasons to buy new and the opportunity to do this is to seek out homes that are being sold as part of a new property development.





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