Not Sure Where to Go Next? 6 Questions To Help You Choose Your Next Destination

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After one heck of a year, you likely cannot wait to pack your backpack or suitcase, print off your boarding pass (so you don’t get those silly airport fees), and go on all the adventures you’ve missed out on recently. 

But, after your travel plans were disrupted beyond belief, you might feel like you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to figuring out where to go. No matter where you look, there’s something for everybody all over the globe, from the scorching sands of Thailand to the vibrant city streets you’ll find across South America; it feels impossible to find the perfect destination. If you’re struggling to decide where to go next, here are some questions that you can ask yourself to make your decision a little easier. 

What Do You Want? 

Before going anywhere or beginning your research, you must ask yourself what you want from travelling. Do you want to see places that you have never seen before? Do you want to see if you want to survive all by yourself by going the solo travel route? Are you hoping to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in over a year? 

Considering these wants will help you narrow down possible destinations at the very least. You can highlight everything that drives you to travel. After such a stressful year, maybe you don’t want to deal with bustling city streets, and you just want to sit on the beach. However, perhaps a year of hardly doing anything at all has given you itchy feet, so you might want to find destinations that promise adventure around every corner. 

What About Your Needs?

While it’s important to consider your wants, you also mustn’t forget about your needs. Travel can open numerous doors for growth and self-discovery, and although finding yourself is a cliche, it’s a cliche for a reason. Therefore, your needs should be another element that you think about before you start to broadway possible destinations. 

Besides your own needs, you should also think about anyone else you’re travelling with. If you’re going with your family, think about how they will manage to cope with the heat or the number of activities you do. If not, you will need to consider other destinations that will be gentler on the joints. Comfort and satisfaction are two elements you must always think about when deciding on travel destinations, so don’t ignore other people’s needs alongside your own. 

What’s Your Budget?

As thrilling as the world is, some places are more expensive than others. Experienced travellers already know how to see the world on the cheap (or even free). But with such a disruption in the industry recently, you might encounter steeper prices than what you’re used to. 

If you’re planning a luxury travel experience, you may find out that it is slightly out of your budget. While disappointing, it will at least give you one place you can’t go, making your decision easier. Conversely, you might find out that resorts are desperate for visitors. So, you could find a discount deal. If you’ve missed the experience of the backpacking trail, you should manage to find plenty of spots that allow you to enjoy their world without partying over the odds, whether you’re looking at a place to stay, or researching things to do. 

Where Have You Been Before? 

Worldly travellers have probably seen plenty of the world around them, and this allows you to narrow down possible destinations. Knowing where you have been before will help you pick somewhere new, or it could encourage you to go back to places that you loved but feel you didn’t see enough of. 

Previous destinations are a good idea, especially if you’re a foreigner travelling into the US. as the States requires specific certificates for entry, known as the ESTA UK, you may already have one of these, which will make it easier to enter. If not, you can sign up for one if you want to see New York, California, or drop yourself in the midwest just for the sake of it. The US isn’t the only place to go, though, so if you have a connection to anywhere else, this place could be the best place to get back into the swing of travelling. 

What Does Everyone Else Say? 

Ig you7 decide to go somewhere you have never been before, you should do as much research as possible to make it a success. Ask around for advice about the cost and what you can do. You should also get an idea of the weather when you choose to go, and how safe the city is. 

The more research you do, the better your experience. You won’t miss out on anything exciting, and you can design your itinerary based on what excites you the most. Every city will have too much to do, so asking around will give you a clear idea of what to expect. 

Where Is Convenient?

Of course, as big as your travel dreams are, there’s always the pesky little issue of convenience that is bound to get in the way. Perhaps there aren’t any decent flights there, or maybe your job won’t allow you to take time off for the days you requested (especially if you're planning a long trip). This is disappointing for sure, but it’s not the end of the world. 

Ultimately, you may need to pick a convenient place, but you shouldn’t look at this as settling but your chance for a unique adventure that you wouldn’t otherwise do. If anything, you may be able to go to the airport and book the next flight out - wherever that might be - and see where the plane takes you. 

So Many Destinations, So Little Time…

Travellers will always spend many hours debating where to go, and they may not even pick the perfect place until the very last minute. So, if you feel like there are too many destinations but so little to see them all, think about asking yourself any of these questions to find out where you really want to go next. 


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