Fun Things To Do This Halloween- Online Escape Room, Movies and more

 Hey ghouls, 

Halloween is officially here and it’s my favourite time of year. I have really missed being able to go out and find lots of spooky goodies but with all the restrictions it’s been safer to stay home. Usually we would all be going out dressing up in the outfit we planned for the longest time and dancing the night away. It’s ok though just because you can’t go out tonight doesn’t mean Halloween has to be cancelled. Still dress up and have fun because I have three great things you can do tonight.

Halloween Escape Room

If like me you have been FaceTiming friends and having long group chats and quiz nights then this is perfect. Trapped in the web have a series of online escape rooms you can play with your family and friends. Work out clues together to escape and follow a fun story line. They even have a special Halloween themed one so you can make a real night of it. Have a challenge to have a costume with only what you have in the house. Get everyone together on your favourite video app and put your heads together to escape before the night is up! 

Movie night 

This is my staple for Halloween anyway ….who am I kidding it’s my usual ideal night. Snacks, and some seriously scary flicks. Cuddle up with your boo maybe watch the film ‘Crawl’ or if horror flicks aren’t your jam pick some spooky classics like Casper or Hocus Pocus. Pull out the big fluffy blankets and celebrate Halloween in your pjs. If films aren’t your thing and Halloween is a party of one then a creepy book will do the job too! 


Another thing I love about this time of year are all the fun recipes. I will never forget having a fun spooky Halloween party in the shed with my little brother and we had ghost sandwiches and eyeballs. We danced to the monster mash and had a ball ….until we got to cold. There are great things you can make together with your family like eerie cakes, mummy sausage rolls or even wormy spaghetti just use your imagination. See how far you can make a pumpkin go, we make soup and toast the seeds and it’s seriously delicious. 

Hell why not combine all three? What are you doing this Halloween? 


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