5 Virtual Dates That Can Be Recreated Face To Face After Lockdown

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As lockdown is allowing bubbles it’s great for seeing family but we still need to stick to guidelines and can hold out just a little longer. Some of us haven’t been able to see our other half or are having to do long distance or maybe you’re just single and feeling it. Well I have 5 more great dates that you can do virtually that when lockdown is over you can turn into a reality. For other great date ideas check our my 8 videos dates post.

Take A Virtual Holiday 

For those of us with wanderlust lockdown is just making the list of all the places we want to visit even longer! A great way to bond with a current partner or even someone new is to take a virtual holiday. If you’re at home you can go all out get the music on mix some drinks and make a mini party out of it. You can still set that scene when you’re apart too with technology at our fingertips we can go anywhere in the world using tools like Google Earth or globe genie pick a place in the world and over video take a look around together. Right now there are virtual tours of pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and so many more. You can even take multiple dates visiting different places and making the video call themed with food and music to match. If you’re already a seasoned traveller you can share backpacking stories and adventure tales and together make a list of amazing places to visit. Once
lockdown is over vow to take a trip together. Having something to look forward to will help you bond and you can learn a lot about a person from their travelling style.

Get Sexy

Lockdown has got the nation feeling hot under the collar and a great way to release tension is sex! There are lots of ways you can get sexy with a partner when your apart that will just make you explode together when you finally get to see each other.  Some great ways to get sexy with a current partner would be to send each other sexy pictures or maybe invest in some toys and pick out underwear together. If you’re single and looking for someone new to hookup with either just virtually or once lockdown is over try sites for your area that have people looking for the same like Aberdeen sex site or isleofmansexsite.co.uk .  You can send sexy messages to each other or snapchat is a great way to send pictures they can’t keep after.

Paint Or Draw Each Other

You don’t need any artistic skills to do this in fact trying this with none is even more fun. You can do in however you like draw each other as cartoons, get the paint out or even try some life drawing. I had always wanted to try life drawing and asked my partner if I could draw him and it was actually really relaxing and fun. It can be a really empowering experience. You don’t have to take your clothes off though you can get as silly as you like dress up for the occasion as your favourite film star. You may just find a new skill that you want to peruse and if you both enjoy it you could take an art class together when lockdown is finished. I love seeing pictures someone else has drawn of me because it’s really humbling to see how other people actually see you. Here is one that was done digitally and I loved it.

Make A Playlist Together

Get on video open up Spotify and have fun playing your favourite tunes together and put them all in a playlist. When I first started long distance dating my partner we both love music so would send songs to each other all the time to express how we were feeling. We still have them now in a playlist which we often listen to together and it makes us feel closer to each other when we do listen to them. If you don’t want to get to sappy you could plan a party for friends either a video lockdown one or a big bash once things are over and you and your love interest can get that playlist together for the big night. Sharing music is so much fun you will have lots of playful arguments, discover new bands and you won’t be able to resist dancing and singing along.

Read To Each Other

I actually love when my fiancé reads to me I find it really relaxing, he writes a lot of poetry so will read it to me and I’m always reading him short stories and blog posts. You can either pick up one of your favourite books or if you love writing why not write something for each other. My love of writing came from summer holidays when my dad would give us a theme and we would have to write a short story around it you could give that a try and read them to each other. If you’re not much of a writer play the game where you write a sentence fold the page and they have to write the next and then put them together for hilarious results. Honestly who needs Tom Hardy story time if you can get your own personal one live for your own sweetheart!

Do you have any fun date ideas? How is love treating you in lockdown?

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