3 Things That Might Be Holding Your Photography Back

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Photography is such a fantastic art form. A great way of expressing an emotion or simply capturing a beautiful moment. Photography is rooted in art, born out of technological developments that allows us all to recreate a moment and letting it live forever. So many people get inspired to pick up the best entry level dslr we can see why. Creating and sharing these wonderful moments can be satisfying. Therefore, today we are going to talk about how you can push yourself further to create amazing work.


Like with many art forms, learning from past work is a good way to develop a strong artistic approach to creating photography. Go to art galleries, discover photographers work that inspires you. Learn about their unique method. They might have used a special lens to create the effect you have become so fond of. Maybe even a clear use of Photoshop to elevate their work to the next level?
Building your own photographic style can be on the foundation of others work. Learning and growing is a massive part of any creative endeavour so never be afraid to ask questions if you get to meet your photographic heroes. They will be just as passionate about sharing their technique as you will be to implement it in your work.

Work Ethic

If you intend to become a professional photography or you are already one and want to step up your work, understand that like with any skill, you need to practice. Try and get jobs in different sectors of photography. If you are used to working with composing landscapes, try and get some wedding photography gigs. You will grow so much from diving into a completely different subject.
Work as much as you are able too, developing a comprehensive portfolio of your immediate specialisation in photography is important but bringing in ideas from other approaches to capturing images can completely. There is merit in focusing on further growing in your niche, but it will restrict your ability to innovate if you are super focused on one area. Every photographer is unique though, so put in as much work as you need too to get where you want to be.

Lack of Experimentation

Being a freelance photographer can involve a surprising amount of admin and stuff that does not actually have much to do with taking photos. Therefore, it is important to take time out of your schedule to just experiment. Try out those new techniques that you saw on that blog. Branching out creatively can help you bring new ideas into what you already do.

These new ideas could give birth to a whole new creative direction from yourself that could help you stand out from the competition. It might even be helpful for you to practice a completely different art form to bring new ideas over into photography. Music and photography can be a popular pairing. Trying to recreate an emotion you felt during a song you love could serve as inspiration for your next photographic masterpiece.

To conclude, there are a variety of things that could be holding your photography back. Whatever it is, try and to be honest with yourself. If you lack technique, learning from those that are stronger in this area could help. Technology changes all the time so keeping up to date with the latest photography equipment can be challenging if you focus purely on the creative elements.

Do you have any photography tips?


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