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What Have I Been Doing In Isolation?

Hey Cats,

Isolation is really kicking in now and I have been trying to keep myself busy. That can be a challenge in itself but it's important to remember that there is no right way to use this time. Despite what some people may think it isn't a holiday. It is a very scary time and we all process this in different ways so if you want to sleep in and just exist that is perfectly fine. Do whatever you need to do to be comfortable and safe.

Keeping safe is the number one priority so I have been staying in and keeping occupied at home. If you're working from home and finding it a struggle I wrote a post recently about how to avoid procrastinating as in my old job I worked from home a lot. My current day job is on furlough as it isn't a job you can so from home and I really respect how great my company have been in making sure vert early on we were all safe and well.

So if like me you're struggling with not being at work every day you now need something to fill your time. If like me you thrive off structure, work our what is best for you and try and establish your own routine . I need a loose structure to keep my mental health happy and on track so for me getting up early.getting showered and dressed (even if it is into a different pair of pajamas) helps a lot. For me no matter what I do with my day then I feel like I can relax and settle into tasks easier.

My step son has been home with us so we have been doing some home schooling. This has actually been really fun and we have enjoyed making things, challenging each other and exploring new ways to learn. It has given me so much more respect for teachers and families who do home school as it can be really challenging but a lot of fun. There have been so many great free resources available to support this and seeing everyone share ideas has been so lovely. Over what would have been the Easter holiday we took a well deserved break.

I have watched so many shows across Netflix and Prime it has been like paradise for me as I will put my hands up I am a binge watcher. I hate waiting for a new episode to come out so I have been catching up on series and looking for new ones. For some quality time me and Mr Kaos have been settling down with a film every night which is something we love to do together. If you have any recommendations let me know over on Twitter.

You may remember me mentioning my reading goal this year is an amazing 100 books. Well no guesses what I have been catching up on as much as possible. I have been finding it harder than usual to focus on books so have been trying to catch up with ones that are collections of short stories, audio books or just reading the odd chapter when I feel relaxed. I haven't finished any just yet but I usually have a few different books on the go at the same time because my attention span is just shot.

I do feel like almost every day of isolation has brought new challenges. My landlord gave away our garden but thankful it is two tiered so I still have a hidden nook where I can have a brew and read. There was the anxious day of the missing tampon when in reality too much time on my hands had weirdly made me have brain fog and send myself crazy. Days of using social media way too much and sulking because I don't have a switch. Also many days of stressing about bills in this hectic time but those days come with the good days and it is important we make sure we don't let them overtake the good days. Those are the times I take advantage of the hour exercise and get out for a walk or video call someone. It is human and normal to feel sad and stressed talk about it, if your isolating with someone give each other space and most of all reach out to the ones you love.

What have you been doing in isolation?


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