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Three Great Podcasts I Have Been Listening To !

Hey Cats,

Over the last couple of years podcasts have grown more interest and there is nothing more I love than to listen to a great show. A lot of hard work goes into creating a great podcast and getting the listener to stick around for the long haul. There are so many options now from true crime to fashion or just general chit chat. I really enjoy having a podcast in the background so I can do other things at the same time. Like my music I like my podcasts varied and eclectic and today I want to tell you about three very different but amazing podcasts that I really enjoy.

One of the first podcasts I really started listening to on the recommendation of  my fiance was Last Podcast On The Left. I love this show it has lots of dark humour and is packed full of true crime. The three hosts Ben, Marcus and Henry bounce well off each other making you feel like you’re their fourth mate sitting in the living room with them. They cover some really dark killers and give the gory details but then lighten the tone with some great humour. True crime isn’t the only subject they tackle if you found yourself wondering if aliens, Bigfoot or Spring Heeled Jack were for real then you will get well researched theories and facts from these guys. I have tried a lot of true crime podcasts and this is the one that always had me coming back.

On a completely different flip is the amazing pod Fat Chat from three amazing funny, chatty ladies who have been active in the plus scene for years. Another trio based pod featuring Hayley, George and Rivkie three very different but lovely personalities. The great thing about this team is you get so many different views and they are very interactive across social media speaking out for and directly to the plus community. I love that the episodes are short and snappy but packed full of laugher and advice. They are well structured with regular features like who to follow on social media that’s inspirational to fashion advice.  No subject goes unturned from chub rub to mooncups to just existing in a fat body and accepting yourself for the awesome person you are.

I stumbled on Dolly Parton’s America as a suggestion on Spotify after a country binge. I wasn’t even half way through the first episode and I knew I was hooked. This pod doesn’t only celebrate and explore Dolly’s life but actually talks directly with her. Asking hard hitting questions and exploring why Dolly is one of the most loved women in the world. I genuinely didn’t think I could love Dolly more than I already do but hearing how diverse the people her music speaks to is just inspiring. The pod gets behind the root of the songs and even features some beautiful music from around the world.

What have you been listening to?


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