Vitamins In Coffee?

Hey Cats,

I am a huge fan of coffee and love having a morning brew to wake me up for the day. I’ll be honest, I’ve often looked at having regular subscription deliveries, but I’ve never made the commitment, I don’t know why. Anyway, while in lockdown I wanted to have my breakfast outside so broke out the cafetière to try some new coffee. Full disclosure I was gifted this but all options are my own and I wasn’t paid at all I just got to try some coffee. I was super excited to learn about a coffee packed full of vitamins ... don’t worry it’s not one of those horrible fad diet coffees.Vitamin coffee specialise in offering great coffee just packed with vitamins to help you manage your intake. I am pro health at every size so this isn’t about preaching just an extra helping hand to ensure you get everything you need to stay healthy and happy.

Sometimes getting all your recommended vitamins in can be difficult. I personally don’t take any supplements and knowing I can have my morning brew and get something extra from it is great. Vitamin coffee offers three main benefits complete , energy or defence. Complete is packed with 14 vitamins and minerals to ensure you’re getting in a great dose of vitamins. This is great for times when maybe you want to increase your vitamin intake but don’t want to take a tablet. Defence is to help keep your immune system stronger and is rich in vitamin C and D. I went for energy as that’s what I like to get from my morning coffee and I want to cut out energy drinks. So energy has extra caffeine and is rich in vitamin B. I am a sucker for ordering an extra shot of coffee when I go to coffee shops so this sounded perfect for me on those extra early mornings.

The great thing is all the ingredients are sustainably sourced supporting fair trade in many countries and then made right here in the U.K. The medium blend has notes of chocolate, toffee and spice, with the beans being sourced from Asia and Africa and roasted in the UK. I chose the dark roast which boasts a chocolatety finish and is sourced from South America.

 I jumped at the opportunity to take my coffee in the sunshine to truly kick back and appreciate. It smelled divine and to taste all the flavours I always take a decent coffee black. It was rich and fruity but so easy to drink and went well with the berries I had for breakfast. It set my day up and I definitely felt as though I had bags of energy. I will be trying another blend soon as they pleased this coffee addict. Do check out some more of my food posts.

What’s you’re favourite coffee?

*coffee gifted no payment all options my own


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