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Stop Procrastinating: how to work from home !

Hey Cats, 

We have all been there whether it be writing an essay or cleaning the house. There are far more fun and interesting things to do. Like suddenly rearranging your books when you need to revise. A little procrastination is ok but staying focused is important to reach our goals. I have been queen of procrastination so I have learnt a great way to stay focused. I have spoke about tips for working from home from home before but here is a little more advice.

Stay in a routine

Sounds simple right? It’s so tempting when working from home to stay in bed a little later but if you get up at a reasonable time. Do some exercise be it a walk outside, yoga in your garden or a dance tutorial on you tube in your living room this will wake you up and get you feeling energised and more focused for your day. Try and keep this to regular times every day because routine is great for your mental health and an active mind. I find having a walk around the garden and just sitting outside with a cup of tea without a phone away from technology really great for helping to define your day between home and work.

Get dressed 

Make sure you get dressed too. It's ok to stay in pjs if you can remain focused but get changed into a fresh set so you’re feeling fresh and relaxed. Personally I prefer to get out of pjs even if it’s loungewear as it helps me feel like I’m ready to go somewhere and that helps my mind get in gear too. 


Take some time in the morning to plan out what you need to achieve. You can do this daily or weekly. I like to look at my diary for any deadlines and then plan daily how I can reach them. Sometimes breaking tasks down into smaller chunks make it easier to get them done. If you're studying, plan out that essay first and what you want to get across. If you’re working take some time to assess and prioritise your workload. Any excuse to break out cute stationary right? This is a great chance to break out that bullet journal you wanted to start or go crazy with your planner! 

Clear a workspace 

The beauty of working from home is your workspace can be anywhere. If you work well outside and the weather is on your side go for it. Clear a desk off and create a creative and happy place to work. If you can work from the sofa without distraction go for it but maybe invest in a flip up table as it will help improve your productivity.

Set timers 

If you feel your productivity slipping then use the one minute method. This is where you set a timer and spend a minute or it can be longer on that one task. You would be surprised how much you can get done in that time. I love using this in half hour slots for work and it works great for cleaning as well. 

Allow yourself a break 

Taking breaks is just as important as focusing on work. Make sure you have had something to eat before you start and then remind yourself even if it means setting a timer to break for lunch. Sometimes stepping away from a task especially a difficult one really helps because when you go back to it you’re looking with a fresh eye and your brain has had time to catch up. That’s why here in England we say a cup of tea can solve anything because you’re taking that time out either alone or to chat to a loved one and it helps you relax. 

How do you stop procrastination sneaking up?


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