Using Digital Resources For Homeschooling!

Hey Cats,

If like us you have been homeschooling I can just imagine the ideas are starting to run low. Getting your children into digital art can be a lot of fun. They can play around such as experimenting with colours and clip art to make fun art work or even cards. We decided to try some fun art to make cards to check in on our loved ones and let them know we are thinking of them. We could all use cheering up right now so we hope these make you smile.

As our little one is in primary they haven’t played with digital art a lot. So this was a fresh and fun activity for us. We went onto Design bundles website to see what we could find to play with. There was a fantastic selection of different clip arts, templates and resources some are free but for a small reasonable prices you can buy the art you particularly like. This is great for kids at home, teachers or even small business owners.

It was a fun activity in itself looking at the range of resources available and discussing the different things you could make them into. There are lots of bundles we found some really pretty and whimsical pieces that would look great on homemade greeting cards or even party invitations. We found some lovely unicorn clipart which we thought would make a fantastic card we could send out to friends during isolation. While everyone is at home worrying they could use some brightening up so we wanted something colourful and fun for our first adventure into digital art.

The unicorn bundle came with a range of unicorns in different positions and colours. There was a lovely rainbow similar to the ones people have been putting in the window. We knew we had to include the rainbow to make our friends happy. Included in the bundle there was also a range of pretty stars, hearts, and diamond stars. We tried to use lots in our picture to make it lively and fun. The bundle was really easy to download in a zip file which you then have to keep and use again. After we looked through the pictures and picked out the ones we wanted to use the most. We were spoilt for choice with lots of bold colours and fun variety of unicorns. They could be saved easily and then used layered onto each other without looking patchy or glitchy.

We also wanted to make something a little more adult for you our lovely readers. One of the things we decided everyone is going through right now is feeling anxious and stressed. So we went back onto Design Bundles and had a search for things that may help us all feel calm. It was simple to search and look through and we decided on some peace inducing chakra symbols. Little Kaos decided where to add them into a quote I had put together and he the. added them in all by himself. We were really pleased with the outcome for a first try without help. He resized them and moved them around the page this is great for helping develop computer skills and preparing for when they do start working more digitally in school.

This is a fantastic homeschooling activity so if you find yourself wanting to try a bit of digital card making for yourself or with the kids try Design bundles. Have you made any digital art?

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