4 ways to save money!

Hey Cats, 

These are scary times right now and so many of us are feeling the hit from either not being in work or having money cut. I’m very lucky that my day job are managing to honour our 80% pay and are really trying to look after us. Either way we all need to try and save pennies where we can over these next couple of months.

First are foremost we should all be trying to “shop our stash” be that finding new recipes from what you already have in your cupboard, using up any beauty products you have stashed away or simply wearing clothes from your wardrobe. By doing these you cut down on the need to buy and are more sustainable. 

Sometimes emergencies pop up though with things breaking or perhaps a lockdown birthday. These costs can take a dent in your budget. A great way to reduce this is to spread the costs over a longer time can be buy now pay later catalogues. A lot of catalogues offer credit and some even give interest free. The key is to pay off at affordable and quicker payments so that you don’t end up with a huge bill or lots of interest. I have found myself having to do this in an emergency like when the laptop broke and it made it easier to make the payments. 

Any essential  shopping you do end up doing you can do using cashback websites like Topcashback. They will give you cash for spending on things you were going to buy anyway. You just go through their website to track your shopping. There are lots of top retailers on there ranging from groceries, clothing and even catalogues. 

If you want to try and make a few pound in your spare time the I suggest trying surveys. I just have a window open on whatever device I’m using and check every now and again to see if there are any available. Pennies add up quickly and you can cash out before you know it. One of my favourites is Prolific and they can actually be really interesting too! 

What are you’re money saving tips? 

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