How To Make A Super Easy Bird Feeder!

Hey Cats,

Spending more time at home has given me a new love for my garden. One thing I love about gardens is attracting wildlife so when I’m sitting having a brew I can see the garden full of life. I love seeing birds and a great way to get more birds to visit your garden is to have a bird feeder. You can make this into a fun activity with kids or make one on your own. This can get a little messy so it is a great activity to do in the garden. It is important for us to help nurture wildlife and help provide them with food especially in the winter months.

We decided to use sustainable materials from around the house we only had to purchase the bird food.

You will need -

1 cardboard roll per feeder (inside of a loo roll works great)
String or lace
Peanut butter
Bird seed 

First use the lace to make a hole in near the top of the cardboard for where you want the string to thread through later. It is easier to do this first as it makes it easier to add the string later. You can use scissors to do this; it doesn’t need to be perfect. Put the string aside for later. 

Cover the whole roll in peanut butter all the way around the outside top to bottom just leaving space around your little string hole. Pour out your bird seeds onto a plate or sheet of newspaper. We added in some dried mealworms too as we thought they would be an added treat for the birds and squirrels. 

Then simply roll the peanut covered roll in the bird feed. Pack it on as much as possible if you have added enough peanut butter it should stick. Then thread your string through so you can hang your amazing feeder out in the garden. 

It may take a few days for the birds to find your feeder. We made two and put them on different sides of the garden. Don’t worry if some of the seeds fall off it’s actually really good as the birds find the seeds and explore to find out where they can get more. This is how they find the feeder and once they have found it you will find they will visit the garden often. If you find that they haven’t found the feeder try moving it to a different spot. Don't forget to replace when spring cleaning your garden and replace of course.

Have fun and tweet me pictures of your feeder! Have you got any fun garden activities? 


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