Spring Cleaning Your Garden

Hey Cats,

The weather is picking up and the flowers are starting to bloom so it is time to get out in that garden and give it a good tidy. Whether you have a patio or a huge green space taking pride in your garden pays off so when the sunny days hit you have your own tranquil space to kick back and enjoy.


No doubt like me you haven't wanted to venture out into the winter weather to weed your garden. If the weather is nice and you have time on your hands you could weed by hand but this can be a long and tiresome task. If you want the job done in a hurry then there are plenty of great weedkillers that can half the job for you. The important thing to remember is to check if they are toxic to animals or children so it is best to pick a non toxic variety.


Remember to be a good neighbour and check that your hedges are not falling into their gardens. Trim them down  and mow the grass to keep it strong and healthy. This will encourage new growth from them and also keep the garden tidy and easy to manage and enjoy. Why not get a lawn care service if you’re too busy like TruGreen NC , saves time and keeps the garden looking great. 

Planting flowers

I personally love a colourful garden and he best way to celebrate that is to get some pretty flowers. Picking the right kind can encourage wildlife to your garden and also help keep bumblebees alive which means your little space can be helping save the world. No pressure there eh? I love choosing a colour theme and dotting pretty flowers around the garden.

Adding Greenery 

Adding greenery into your garden is another great way of having that extra pop of colour. Trees are a fantastic way to add all round colour for the changing seasons. This website has a fantastic selection of trees to choose from and can help you learn which need the most care. Trees can be beautiful additions to your garden and again great for the environment.

Think of wildlife

The last thing I love to add to my garden space is something that can help wildlife. We have already spoke about picking out flowers that can help the environment. You can also add a little insect house or a bird bath or feeder. This is just as important if not more so during winter to help birds, squirrels and insects get food.

What do you add to your garden?



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