5 Reasons To Have Wooden Flooring In Your Home!

Hey Cats, 

As autumn is upon us and the weather begins to get chilly we naturally want to stay indoors more. I find the more I stay snuggled up those little things I wanted to change to make the house that little bit more cosy come to mind. Since moving to this house one of the biggest changes I have wanted to make that would make a dramatic difference is the flooring. We have a psychedelic paisley carpet that wouldn’t be lost in a 70s flick. It really needs to go for something more stylish and modern. 

For me wooden flooring is the plan and here are my top 5 reasons to make the big change.

Easy to fit

It’s quick and easy to fit and as the flooring is already prepared it takes no time at all to get down and fitted. A lot of wooden flooring just clicks into place meaning if one piece gets damaged it’s easier to replace. When you damage carpet you have to buy a whole new carpet but with wooden flooring you can keep some extra back up pieces and when one gets damaged simply replace it. 


There is so much choice when it comes to picking out the best fit of engineered wooden flooring for your home. A sleek wooden floor can make any room look stylish and up to date. There’s a range of different colours, textures and patterns to be picked from. I really enjoy a medium to dark wood as I feel. It can bring a lot of warmth to a room but if you want to brighten a small room you can opt for a lighter more reflective floor choice. 


Cleaning a wooden floor is so much easier than carpets…. no more scrubbing the floor for ages after spilling red wine. It’s also easier to keep a fresh house when you have lovely animals or kids. Being able to wipe clean and mop with a freshener can keep your home smelling lovely. This is also perfect if like me you have asthma or any allergies. It’s easier to keep the house dust free. 


Not only is wooden flooring easy to look after but it’s also long lasting. Making a change can be pricey so of course you want it to last you. As it’s so easy to keep clean and look after it should last you for years to come and through many room changes if you pick a versatile and classic design. 

Great acoustics 

The last thing you consider wooden flooring having an impact on is the sound quality in your home. If you love singing, playing guitar or just listening to music sound sounds better in homes with smoother surfacing. There’s some wonderful science out there that explains it all but all you need to know is clearer better sound for you. 

Do you have wooden flooring?


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