Travel on a Budget: See The World on a Shoestring

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Want to see more of the world, but working to a tight budget? You’re not alone, most of us fall into this category! Thankfully there are things you can do to get out there and experience more, instead of being stuck at home. Here are some ideas!

Go backpacking

Backpacking is one of the most affordable ways to travel. You’ll be sleeping in a tent, in cheap motels and travel hostels as you move from place to place. You’ll be getting around on foot and using public transport. You’ll be eating from food vendors, grocery stores and chain restaurants. It’s far from a five star getaway but can bring so much value to your life, away from the glitz and glamour of tourism you get to see what a place is really like. You can speak to the locals, explore places off the beaten path and see a part of the world in an entirely new way.

Hire an RV

Road tripping can be another cheap and fun way to explore the world, just about everywhere will have rental places dotted around so it won’t be hard to find one to hire. Once you have your van you have accommodation and transport in one place. You’ll get to see some amazing views, and take in lots of different places in a short space of time. Take scenic roads and stop along your route and places of interest. If a small group of you are travelling together, the cost of the fuel as well as the van split a number of ways means it works out really cheaply. Have you heard of overlanding?

Find deals and discounts

If you’re flexible with where you’re prepared to go and also on dates, you can snag some absolute bargains. Airlines selling their last seats and hotels filling up empty rooms means there are some amazing discounts to be had. Keep an eye on sites like Groupon, and last minute holiday deal sites. You’re likely to find trips hundreds cheaper than if you’d planned well ahead and gone about things in the traditional way.

Take out a loan

It’s not a good idea to take out a loan every time you want a  bit of sun and sea. However, there are times that borrowing money to finance a dream can be worth it. Maybe it’s your honeymoon, joint loans for couples might make sense as you get to go somewhere you’d never have been able to afford otherwise. Perhaps you want to go on a family trip to Disney before your children get too old, or you just have something on your bucket list that you’ve wanted to cross off for years. Be sure to look at the repayments and make sure it’s something you can afford, but sometimes, this could be an excellent way to go.

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