Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Way More Stylish

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When you first move into your home, enthusiasm levels are likely to be high. As such, the paint-brushes come out, the new furniture goes in, and everything looks amazing. Then before you know it, a few years have passed and everything’s looking a bit ‘lived in’.
While there’s nothing wrong with having a comfy, well-loved home, if it’s starting to look rough around the edges, it might be time to take action. Here’s how you can inject some style into your property, without spending loads in the process.

Home style – minus the price


Sort the windows out. When did you last clean the windows? Hiring a window cleaner isn’t too expensive and it makes a vast difference. Without a layer of grime, light can travel more freely around the room, which brightens everything up. Clean the curtains too – these types of fabrics are often dust-magnets. Alternatively, you might want to swap your curtains for some lightweight blinds, which make the room feel larger.


Think about value. If you’re planning on selling the house in the future, you might want to avoid doing anything too personal. For example, you might love rich purple paint on the walls, but this could deter buyers. Explore other ways that you can inject your personal style in a less permanent manner. For example, purple soft furnishings look just as great, and can be taken with you when you move.


Choose one-of-a-kind items. Statement pieces, like unique artwork or unusual rugs, for example, immediately set your home apart from the others. You don’t have to spend loads on designer items either. Sites like Etsy are full of fabulous antiques, plus home-made items from some really talented companies.


Don’t forget the garden. It’s easy to overlook your outdoor space. However, if you put the effort in, the rewards are great, as you’ve essentially added one glorious external room to your house! Establish a pleasant al fresco dining area, grow some roses or climbing plants around your fences, plant some wildflowers – in short, use naturally beautiful elements to create the garden of your dreams. You can also get some amazing decking to chill out on which just gives you a more finished look check out Dino decking.


Work on the lighting. It’s time to ditch those glaring overhead ceiling lights – they’re too reminiscent of a residential home! Floor or table lamps create a softer, more intimate glow, and wall-mounted lights can be used to create focal points (for example, above your awesome armchair, or next to a gorgeous piece of artwork). 


Use scent to create mood. Lighting an incense stick or candle is the easiest way to totally transform the
atmosphere of a room. Laidback scents like lavender or ylang ylang are indulgent and relaxing, while
citrus smells make you feel more awake. Sites like Copycat Fragrances are good (reasonably priced)
places to find inspiration.

Focus on the flooring. It’s not too costly to rip out an old carpet, then sand down the floorboards underneath. This completely changes the appearance of a room, and can make it feel more spacious too. Remember, you don’t have to varnish the floorboards; you could easily paint them instead.

Do you have any stylish tips?


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