Easy Oreo Fudge Recipe

Hey Cats,

Now I am not much of a baker but I do try new things now and again. We have a lot of bake sales at work and I decided to try something new this time. I know it isn't strictly baking but fudge seemed like a great option. I love fudge and as our shop is in a little tourist village I wanted to offer something to our customers that they could take away. I had never made fudge in my life but decided to give it a try. I was so surprised at how easy and quick you can make it. Plus it was so yummy too and really popular with everyone so helped raise money for a great cause too! I have never done a recipe here but it was too good not to share.


1 pack of Oreos or any other chocolate cookie
1 tin of condensed milk
400g (2 big bars) of white chocolate
A dash of vanilla extract


Glass bowl
baking paper
baking tray / tin

First make sure that your glass bowl will either rest on top of the saucepan safely or the pan is big enough for the glass bowl to rest inside as you will be creating a bain marie to melt your chocolate. In my opinion this is the best way to melt chocolate without burning it but if you prefer a different method then you can always use that way instead. If you have never used a bain marie before all you need to do is bring some water to the boil and your bowl will go on top of the water to catch all the heat.

Break your white chocolate up adding it in batches to make sure it melts evenly make sure you're constantly stirring and this should take around 5 minutes. This is a great recipe to do with someone and even little ones as while you're melting the chocolate they can break the cookies into small chunks.

Add in the tin of evaporated milk and give it a good stir while still over heat. This should be a thick consistency and once you have mixed them together you can take the bowl off the heat and add in a dash of vanilla extract and 2/3 of cookie pieces. mix up to get an even amount of cookies throughout the mixture.

Line a baking tin with your parchment paper and spoon in the mixture. Spread out evenly and add the remaining cookie pieces to the top and pat down slightly. Pop your tin into the fridge to set. Once the fudge is set you can then cut into chucks and either enjoy straight away or divide up into small bags. I used some cookie bags that I just got off amazon.

Let me know if you make this fudge and what you think? Want to see more recipes?


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