Plus Size Men Need To Be Seen Too

Hey Cats,

This week it is Mental health awareness week which is a great way to get conversations moving forward and increasing understanding about the issues that can have an impact on our esteem. Lately men have been speaking out more about their feelings and being heard, In the past men have suffered in silence being told to 'Man up'. A factor that keeps coming up in these conversion is feelings around their body and the way they look and how the pressure to have a thin muscular physic is thrust into their faces as a symbol of a perfect man. It is important that we also hear the plus size man and his need to be visibly seen and accepted.

Plus size men face some of the same issues as plus size women in that great on trend fashion isn't easy to find. Times are changing and more fashion forward options are quickly becoming available Jacamo are certainly a leading provider in making sure plus size men have great clothes to choose from. Clothes and fashion can have an immense impact on a positive body image. Being able to have a wide choice of fantastic items to choose from means you can dress the way you want to and helps increase a sense of worth and a place in society.

Summer can be a difficult time for anyone as naturally when it gets hot everyone wants to be cool and comfortable and why shouldn't fat bodes want this too? Finding great swimwear and shorts can be important because if you look good and feel good in yourself then that can help with body love. The image above is a great example of what needs to be seen more. Back roll and representation of darker skin models is extremely important in the fashion world. Both plus size men and darker skin tones are under represented in fashion. Jacamo has some great branded items available in larger sizes as well as their own fashionable items.

Holiday season is coming and there are lots of cool slick on trend and timeless pieces, A good check shirt is a great wardrobe staple and this short sleeve shirt can be dressed up for a night out or down for a relaxed day look. Having great items in your wardrobe can help you feel fantastic. You don't have to spend a fortune and can get some great versatile staple items. Men celebrate your body as wear things that make you look great and feel comfortable too. Wearing items that fit is so important don't stress about the label try on different sizes and wear the one that you feel comfortable and confident in.

If you're a man out there or know a man who is then I just want to let you know that we do see you and you're valid and important. Embrace your body as it is and love yourself , wear clothes that make you feel powerful, comfortable and confident. Support the men in your life to love themselves and speak out about how they are feeling.



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