5 Reasons To Souk It All In At Essaouira

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Essaouira (and all of Morocco, to be frank) don’t get the credit they deserve. Most travellers happen on this corner of the world either as a spur of the moment or because they’ve visited just about everywhere else north of the Sahara. Here, however, we’re going to cast a closer eye on this lesser-spotted gem on the east of the Atlantic and five reasons it can make for an unforgettable trip.

To walk the walls

When you have the opportunity to see something truly unique to a destination, you ought to take it. In Essaouira, there’s plenty that’s unique, but a UNESCO World Heritage site is hard to pass up. The Medina of the Essaouira is hard to miss, too, a massive fortification built in the 18th century that encompasses the majority of the town. Guests are free to walk the ramparts and enjoy the sights at the very top, giving you a living experience of the town’s military history.
For the sun, sea, and surf

As well as a great snapshot of Morocco, past and present, Essaouira also happens to have some of the best surf spots in the whole country. From Essaouira Bay, an idyllic beach with rolling waves perfect to beginners to Safi with its rocky shores and more challenging swells. Teams like Explora Watersports make it easy to try out a bunch of different watersports, too. Add to that the sheer relaxation factor of these popular, but rarely overcrowded shores and you got a perfect beach vacation.
To wander the wilds

When you think of Africa, you might not think of lush forests, but the town is surrounded by sprawling green, rolling hills, and utterly picturesque countryside. With services like Ranch de Diabat, you can explore on horseback, seeing it like the nomadic Berbers living throughout Morocco.
For an unforgettable party

Want to kick back, let your hair down, and enjoy your time with the peoples and music of Essaouira? You’re in luck, because this is the music festival centre of all Morocco. There’s a music festival every season, from the classical lilts and swells of Les Alizes to the Women’s Hadra and Trance Music Festival, which showcases local Gnawa talent with a focus on some of the most spiritually important musical traditions.
To shop til you drop

What’s a trip to Morocco without a visit to a Souk? Essaouira has no shortage of places to shop for all manners of things, from local arts and crafts to authentic boutique European style furniture. There are markets, malls, small family-owned shops, and stalls of all kinds to explore. A shopping trip in Essaouira will see you lugging around more souvenirs than you can probably bring home with you.

If you’re thinking of heading to Morocco, then you can’t go wrong with the bright, easy-going Essaouira, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of busy Marrakesh. With the tips above, you can more than easily fill a weekend of gorgeous sights, adventures, and a deep dive into the Moroccan life.

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