Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Can Be Equally Stunning

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Traditional Engagement Rings

The history of the engagement ring can be definitively traced back to Roman times, though it has been suggested that the ancient Egyptians invented the practice, with the Ancient Greeks having then adopted the tradition. Placed on the ring finger of one’s left hand, it was once believed this finger held the vena amoris, a vein that directly leads to the heart. The use of an engagement ring shifted in level of importance over the next couple of thousand years, until the diamond company De Beers around the 1940’s, began a campaign to persuade us that the ring was indispensable and that only a diamond would do. Interestingly, this happened shortly after the great depression of the 1930’s at a time when the price of diamonds had plummeted, but which thereafter rebounded dramatically.

The Cost of a Ring

Much debate has taken place regarding what is an appropriate amount for a man to spend on an engagement ring for the love of his life. Much of the input on this discussion unsurprisingly also came from de Beers, who initially stated that at least one month’s salary was required, a figure that by the 1980’s they had elevated to two months’ salary. Very expensive rings do not always seem to do the trick, as some research has suggested that debt related stress from purchasing something too expensive is actually responsible for a significant number of subsequent divorces. The trick it seems is to purchase something beautiful, but eminently affordable.

Gemstones on The Ring

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While diamonds no longer seem to have exclusivity for the engagement ring, it seems that the use of some form of gemstone is still considered of vital importance. Some consider the wedding ring and the engagement ring to be two parts of the whole, whereby the second ring at the wedding, is designed to perfectly match, complement and complete the look. The wedding ring on its own looks incomplete. With people today looking to show more individuality, colourful engagement rings, reflecting personal styles are growing in popularity, as is seen with the use of emerald, opal, sapphires and other gemstones. Given that it is something that the wearer is going to have on, hopefully for a very long time, the rings colour and design that the person is going to be happiest with, certainly makes a great deal of sense.

Diamonds are Forever

While a phrase introduced to us by good old De Beers, it is a fact that regardless of ring design, the diamond is still likely to be the stone of choice for many, for a long time to come. There is no denying that the sparkle from a diamond is unique, and after choosing the design of the ring, checking out the wholesale diamonds Sydney investors get from Australian Diamond Importers, finding the right diamonds at the right price will become easier.

Making the Choice

The decision of whether to opt for a diamond or a different stone is naturally one which requires careful consideration, and truly knowing who your fiancé to be really is. Talking to her mother and close friends about what she likes in terms of jewellery can help, though if she really is the perfect girl for you, you should probably have sufficient insight to get it right.

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Traditional or non-traditional doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as it looks stunning, and for her to absolutely love it.


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