Green Your Beauty Routine

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Going green in as many ways as possible is very popular. People are very aware of trying to save the planet and being eco-friendly is touching every part of our lives. Even beauty routines can be made green, with just a few simple steps.

Use Multi-Purpose Products

Now that fewer beauty products contain chemicals, you can buy them that can be used on your lips, eyes and cheeks. There are moisturisers that are also sunscreens too. These products can save you money as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Oils Instead Of Moisturisers

Natural oils can be far better for your skin than some commercial moisturisers. Ones such as coconut oil will soak into your skin and will not leave you feeling greasy. You can buy it in most supermarkets at a fraction of the cost of a moisturiser. Tee Tree oil is good for spots and blemishes too. Just a small amount on some cotton wool is all it needs to help you fight off acne.

Eco-Friendly Tools

Opt for tools that are made from sustainable materials. Makeup brushes, for instance, that have bamboo handles and synthetic bristles will work just as well as those that are made from animal fur and often last much longer.

Nail Polishes

Nail polishes have a very distinctive aroma. At least they have had for many years. Now you can
buy toxic free nail polish that does not have that awful smell. It is just as hardy as the traditional ones and your nails will still look beautiful with this on.

There are some on the market that will last a week without chipping, and then you can just peel them off, as there is no nail polish remover needed.

Read The Labels

Always read the labels on any beauty preparations you buy.  Avoid things that have parabens or phthalates in them, as well as sodium lauryl sulphate as this can cause allergies. Though these have been passed as safe to use because of the small amounts included, it never hurts to keep your exposure to them as low as you can.

The makers of beauty products are very aware that consumers are being more cautious about what they buy and if a product is eco-friendly and not tested on animals, they will announce that on the label.

Use Fruit For Your Facemask

Many fruits mashed and mixed with natural yoghurt will act as a facemask without a problem.  Tomatoes are good too because they have powerful antioxidants in them, and honey has antibacterial properties to help keep infections at bay.

Change As You Go

It is very easy when you decide to make a change to go at it full pelt. However, don’t waste anything you already have. Use them first and change to green products as you go. As with many things, this gives you time to alter your routine a step at a time and you will become used to one change before moving onto the next. These baby steps make it far more likely that you will succeed in making your beauty routine green.

How do you green your routine?


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