Upgrading Your Home To Make A Work Space

Hey Cats,

So often as we lead up to the new year we start thinking about all the changes we want to make and sometimes that includes home improvement. Part of my new year plan is to convert one of out rooms into a home office for both my blogging and Body shop and just have a nice space to go and get creative! If you have some home improvements plans in place then here are some great things to keep in mind.

Plan It

One of the most overlooked but important things when making any changes at home is making sure you plan it all out. Get your mind mapping on and think realistically about your budgets and what changes you can make with the space that you have. You don't need huge spaces to have a great usable space there are lots of organisation hacks that can make the most of smaller places. Disensors.com suggesting making sure you use the right tools to measure out the job properly so you can make sure that you can make practical use of all the spaces you have. If you're a crafter use some calibration weights so you know how much your materials weigh so you know how Strong draws have to be as you would be surprised how heavy materials can be and if you check all these things out early you can make sure you have quality storage in place.


If you're going to be using a home space for work then make some investments to make it really comfortable. I don't just mean a cosy chair and a cushion or that instagramable sign but things you don;t often think of like a better Heat-line. Think of those cold mornings or long days and the extra impact you will putting on the heating system by working from home. I say as I sit hugging a radiator on this freezing morning.

Another investment you may need to make is better software https://librestream.com have some great deals and can have you covered for this. Making sure your home office is up to date and means you can do any work at home will get you productive and stop you nipping off for a brew all the time.


Now you have all the ideas in place all you have to do is put them into action. This may mean streamlining some of those plans into what is affordable for right now. Then get the ball rolling and lets be honest the easier and more functional the room the more productive you will be when working in it. I need a great organisational system to ensure I do not end up with a ball of mess to work with.

Do you have any home improvement plans for the new year?



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