Stunning Books With A Difference - Paperscapes Review

Hey Cats.

I am a total book worm and love nothing more than curling up with a good book. I love indulging my imagination in fiction but have always been an advocate for non fiction. This is where we get to learn about the magic of the world we already live in. From what makes the human mind work to the creatures of the world they all have their own story to tell.

As A kid I adored pop up books and now my love of both interactive and stunning books and non fiction have been combined. Carlton books have created a dreamy collection Paperscapes where you can transform your book into a work of art. There are four books currently in the series packed full with stunning illustrations.

The perfect gift for any nature lover take a walk in the forest with a book of trees while you learn more about the different types all around the world. I adore the flower garden a great gift for any keen gardener! The best thing about all four of the books is that they can be cross referenced using the bird book you will discover new bird but in the process may find an amazing tree or find a beautiful butterfly resting on a stunning flower.

I love the interactive element of the books which you can use to check off each bird or tree you have learnt about or even use them as a fun spotting guide where you cut out the flowers you have seen or butterflies that flew past. Giving you the perfect excuse to connect more with nature and really enjoy being out in the open. Even if you have to cheat a little and visit a garden centre or a butterfly farm there is lots of fun to be had.

The illustrations are simply beautiful and they are worth the price tag alone. A stunning book for any book shelf and a great learning tool.

Have you checked out Paperscapes yer?


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