Updating Your Skirting Boards

Hey Cats,

Often when we think about home improvement we think of all beautiful colours we want to paint the walls or all the new furniture we need. The last thing we think of is the little things that make a huge difference in the home like our skirting boards and door frames. You probably think I am crazy talking about this but you can have a lovely house but if you don't look after the basics then it can literally fall apart or just look really unfinished.

Take a good look at your skirting boards, doors and door frames and check if they are in good standing. Have they become warped, chipped or damaged in any other way? Paying attention to your doors and skirting can tell you about problems you may be having with your home. If they seem to have ballooned out or become warped then there could be a problem with damp in your home. Get this checked out and make sure you keep your home well ventilated and a great airflow going around especially in stuffy rooms that you may not use much. Any problems like this may mean you need to replace them.

Keeping your skirting well maintained is easy and important. Remember to work cleaning skirting boards and door frames into your cleaning routine. Just give them a quick hoover when you're doing a room and a wipe down with your favourite cleaning products to keep the room fresh. It is also advised to give them a fresh paint every now and again to keep them looking clean and giving your room that extra finish. I prefer to keep my skirting white but you can work them into your colour scheme if you prefer. Just remember whichever colour you choose to go more neutral and use a paint that is friendly with cleaning that you can wipe down easily. This is important for when you want to clean them and help keep them in good condition between painting.

The same goes for door frames and picking the right doors for your home. Getting the correct measurements is important as doors come in a variety of sizing. In the same way make sure you work them into your cleaning routine too. Invest in an extendable duster that you can reach high spaces easily with. Choose a nice natural wooden finish for a more rustic feel and less upkeep just ensure to seal so they are easy to keep clean.

When you do invest in new Skirting and doors it is important that not only do you know what sizing and style you want but also which materials. I suggest you go for water resistant products which are an upgrade on old ones in most homes which have possibly been there since they were first built. Investing in new skirting can usually come with a long guarantee and you won't have to do often if you choose wisely and get them fitted professionally.

Have you updated your skirting or doors recently?



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