Cotton Underwear: The New Sexy

Hey Cats,

There’s nothing sexier than comfort. You don’t have to wear silk or satin panties to feel sexy. In fact,
if you enjoy lounging in your skivvies, choose comfort over style, and you’ll feel so much more like
yourself. You’ll be healthier, too. Cotton is breathable, so it doesn’t trap moisture, leaving your...ahem...area free from bacteria and other things that cause UTIs and yeast infections.

Choose cotton underwear over the alternative every day of the week to keep yourself happy, healthy, and sexy.

Athletic Wear

Breathable cotton athletic wear like yoga pants and sports bras can help wick away moisture and keep your skin dry as you work out. Wearing cotton workout clothing prevents chafing and rashes so you can continue to work out more comfortably day after day.


If you prefer the less-is-more idea, you probably wear thongs more often than not. They don’t show
underwear lines, and they don’t bunch. But you may have heard how bad they are for your lady

If they fit correctly and are made of the correct material, this isn’t necessarily true. Cotton is by far
the best material for thongs because of its softness and breathability in the areas where you need it

Lace, Silk, or Satin

If you do like a little flair, choose cotton underwear with lace edges. Frills, bows, ribbons, and other
materials are all ok as long as they don’t comprise the entire thing and don’t contribute to trapped
moisture and the spreading of bacteria. Cotton underwear can still be really sexy and if your
comfortable you will feel a lot more confident.

If you do wear something other than cotton, wear it sparingly and always switch it out with cotton on the day after you wear it to give your skin a break. Bonds has cotton underwear of all types to keep you comfortable and healthy.

What kind of underwear do you prefer?



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