Things you need in your dorm room at college / university

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Chances are you are already in your new dorm or at least well on your way for next year. It can be a super exciting time and for most of you will be your first time moving away from home. Half the fun of a first time away from home is to get it cosy so you can relax and focus on your studies. Here are a few treats that will give you that bit of edge.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

So you heard me coffee will quickly become your best friend after nights of partying or studying and sometimes both. A great way to make sure you’re not burning all your student cash on pumpkin spiced lattes from the local coffee shop is to get your own coffee machine like the Anthony espresso. It may be a pricey initial payment but most coffee machines you can find the pods super cheap in lots of places now. Sure you can just get instant too but there is nothing like fresh hot coffee that’s been brewed and made just for you. If your budget can’t stretch to a machine then get a cafetiere they are cheap and easy to use and much better than instant so will keep you awake and studying hard.

Bring some home comforts

You may have got into an amazing school like Ontario conservatory of music but there really is no place like home. If you bring a few little things from home like pictures of your friends and family, your favourite fluffy blanket and even some home cooking. These little slices of home can really make the move a little easier and help you relax into your new surroundings. The secret is everyone is in the same boat. I loved my big fluffy blanket it brightened up the room, kept me warm and just gave my room a more cosy feel.

Smells like home

Creating a lovely smelling environment is another great way to give your room that home away from home feel. You can pick up nice candles or a safer option is to pick up some lavender or essential oils from somewhere like Botanic universe dried herbs for sale. Using a few drops of lavender on your pillow can also help you get to sleep when you’re worrying about your studies or feeling home sick.

Don’t splurge

A great way to get things like a TV or a laptop without an initial splurge is to try a rental first rent out sofas and electrical so if you do want a bit of furniture like a sofa without the big price tag you could get a rental then no taking it home in the summer. Keep an eye on places like this for sale of items that are now ex rental and you may be able to grab a bargain at a fraction of the price.

Get organised

The bets tip I can give you to help keep your room tidy and tranquil is to have an organised system form the start. Make sure if you don’t have enough storage you create extra areas using the right kind of hangers or under bed storage. Have lots of great stationary you look forward to using and folders you can store your work away in. Keep back ups of your digital on a key to avoid lots of paper mess and type up notes you need so you can throw away the paper version and keep clutter to a minimum. Plus the sooner you type up notes the better the worst thing is coming to study time and realising you have no idea what half of your abbreviations mean or you can’t read your own writing.

What do you have in your room?


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