3 steps to being a little more ethical

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There are lots of ways you can bring ethical steps into your daily routine. Nobody can be a ethical icon overnight and lets face it sometimes it can be really hard to stick to plan all the time. Sometimes we want to recycle but there is nowhere near to do so or we want to give to charity but simply can't afford it. Lets talk about little ethical steps you can take one at a time when you can with no shade when you simply can't. Remember Halloween is just around the corner and another lovely blogger has been speaking out about how to Have a greener Halloween.

Try Meat Free And Organic

The world is full of so many vegan friendly food choices these days and it is a wonderful thing that we support each other’s dietary and ethical choices. It may seem crazy the idea of giving up meat or the idea of buying organic may make your bank balance moan but even the commitment of reducing your meat just one day a week can help protect your carbon footprint and help you make healthy choices.

Trying great food like freedomjars.ca organic breakfast oats my favourite has to be the 
orchard crumble really hearty and delicious flavours that can be a great kick start to any day.
Introducing dishes like this into your diet can also help you feel fuller for longer. This 
helps by reducing waste and using organic fairtrade fruits supports local communities too. 

Out With The Old

Next tome you consider changing up your home and using furniture stores like
 https://www.sunpan.com/usa/ keep in mind that you Can make use of your old furniture or 
clothes. You can gift these to a charity who will be able to ensure they go to a well needed 
place. Habitat 4 Humanity specialism is in taking furniture for those in need. Even giving an 
old book to a charity helps as that book can be sold to make money for an important cause.
If you can make sure you gift aid those donations so that the government can top up that 
donation by 25%.  

Give Your Time

If you have nothing to give then the most precious thing you can give is your time.
 Globalfaces direct are a great charity who do some amazing work but there are also lots of
 great places right in your community. There are lots of voluntary roles you can take up and 
there is something for everyone from fundraisers to event planners to helpers and leaders. 
Charity thrives on peoples kindness and ensuring we give a little time to pay it forward can 
make the world of difference right here and right now. 

What are your ethical choices?




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