Get The Most When Booking A Holiday This Autumn

Hey Cats,

You may think holiday season is over and it is purely time to start panic buying Christmas but you would be wrong. This is a great time of year to check out some new places around the world and flights can be a lot cheaper outside of school holidays. If you have children then this can be tricky when it comes to getting them out of school but for those of you without take advantage of the lower air fares and get planning for that holiday.

1. Look around!

First don't just run and book the first holiday you have seen this may well seem like a steal but there could be something even better yet!  Always use a private browser as some tricky holiday sites use your cookies from your visit and may jack up the price to increase your interest and make you panic buy...this is a sneaky tactic but it is used by hotels, airlines and even travel agents. Research lots of varied travel places sometimes you may be able to just book a flight and book with a local place like Santa Barbara Travel or G adventures Costa Rica Travel. You can plan lots of fun activities though places like this but make sure you check reviews from previous customers it is a great way to see if it is a great deal.

2. Travel light

The less you need to take with you the less you will have to pay as most airlines now you can get a great deal with just hand luggage. You may think that is impossible but if you leave bulky items like towels behind you can really get more into your hand luggage. You can always pop out somewhere local to buy them most often at a cheaper price or order them online to come to your hotel or villa (click here) or just use them from your hotel. Most hotels and villas are pretty well stocked and accommodating and more often have most things that you need. In this day and age it is so easy to buy while you're there and especially if you are heading somewhere like the states things are super cheap people who plan to immigrate often just leave things behind and buy there rather than here.

3. Be open minded

If you are not stuck on a place to go then more and more opportunities open up. You may find a great deal for somewhere you have never heard of but it could become your favourite location yet. I am not saying run to the airport like in the Simpsons and wait for cheap flights that need filling (although if you're spontaneous it is an option) but there are so many great places to get last minute deals now. You can click to choose if you want a sun or city break and pop in a rough budget and boom you could be jetting off anywhere from Italy to Japan. I think this is a really exciting way to travel as it opens up places you may never heard of and pushes you to explore more.

4. Try a group

Another great way to explore is to try a group travel company. You can go with a friend or alone but you go on an adventure with a small group. These are catered a lot for adventure holidays like treking or skiing but they are also available for seeing sites and relaxing too if your adventurer is more of a look at the local gift shop kind of person. We all have different limits and maybe your partner hates skiing then you can still enjoy the things you love. Lots of places do day trips too whenever I go on holiday I try and go on a few guided tours where you can get a chance to see places you may not have found on your own.

What are your tips for getting more from a holiday?



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