Do Men And Women Look At First Dates Differently?

Hey Cats,

We all get those first date jitters and the worry if our date shares pour dating etiquette. Like who should pay and where to go? The truth is there are no real rules when it comes to dating just unwritten things we all do or have come to expect from each other. Ferratum already did did some great first date research for us/

I was actually super surprised how little both men and women preened for their first date. I genuinely would have though like 90% would admit to taking that extra effort. A crazy 14% of women however did say that they spent £100 on new items for a date night...however is it just a great excuse to buy those things you have been eyeing up. I am not sure I have ever bought a dress especially just for a date out but then i do have a bit of a dress addiction so it is more of a "ooo which one should I wear"/ I wonder how many of you have a lucky date outfit? I can still remember what my Mr had on our first date 4 years later so it really is worth making that effort. 

I was surprised in the rise of social media that more people haven't checked their date out because lets be honest the rise of online dating means most likely that's where we met them. If we didn't you can be sure that I am going to have a good look. It can be a great way to find some common topics and get a good look at the embarrassing pictures. Careful not to obsess though.

The main thing that seems to stand out is the dreaded bill... this can be the most awkward part of the date. It doesn't have to be though and you really shouldn't go into a date assuming and penniless because that is just not cool. It is interesting to see that men are still taking the traditional root of offering to pay though. 

What do you think of these dating statistics?


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