You Feta Believe These Are Some Of The Best Greek Islands To Visit

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If you’re missing the heatwave, or you’re just craving a change of scene; it could be time to hop online and satiate your
wanderlust by booking some flights. Getting away from it all for a week or so, can do wonders for your your health and
well being, and travel is always something to look forward to (and get your through a week at work in a sweaty office).

Greece offers those who need a break plenty of island destinations that will make the ideal place to relax, soak up some
history and culture, and enjoy some delicious fresh food (and the odd cocktail, obviously). The only issue is knowing which
one to visit and where to book. Therefore, the following are some ideas and inspiration for those who fancy
a Greek island getaway, and can’t quite decide which one to visit.


It’s worth looking into car rental in Crete Heraklion/Rethymno airport so that you can really make the most of Greece’s
largest island. Known for its varying terrain, Crete is an island that offers each visitor plenty to explore. There are gorges,
mountains, ruins, and beaches galore, so you’ll be able to tick a view sights and famous places off your bucket list.
There’s also the option to relax in a boat in the bright blue waters, but, why would you when you can go and explore the
birthplace of Zeus.


For a more laid back, pretty, and traditional escape; Santorini could be just what you’re looking for. After being devastated
by a volcano in the 16th century, the island has traditional properties built atop of cliff edges, meaning there are plenty of
place to eat and drink, with a magical view. If you want whitewashed buildings with crystal blue waters as a backdrop for
your Instagram feed; Santorini will be your perfect holiday destination.


Now, if you need something more lively, and want to enjoy vibrant clubs, bars, and beach parties; Mykonos might be right
for you. There’ll be beats and music, and plenty of special offers on drinks around each corner so that party animals can
have the best time. Whether you’re heading there with your besties or your partner, be prepared to dance the day and
night away, with a beautiful beach backdrop. Even though there are sights to be seen, like the 16th century windmills; if
you’re after quiet and culture, this island shouldn’t be your first choice.


For a great mix of ancient ruins and swanky beach resorts; Rhodes is an ideal choice for those who want a bit of
everything from their Greek getaway. You’ll find old, medieval towns to explore (no stilettos here), coupled with museums
and galleries (for those who are craving culture in an air-conditioned space). Once you’ve walked and explored all day,
there arec an array of luxury beachside hotels to enjoy a delicious meal and watch the sunset over the water with cocktail
in hand. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to both relax and stay active, making it a great choice for couples and solo

Have you been to Greece?


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