Honey The Natural Beauty Product and Ways to Use it!

Hey Cats,

I am working hard to use more ethical products and in doing so you find out that there are so many
hidden ingredients in products. There are also tons of amazing natural ingredients that you can just
cut out all the other ingredients and go straight to the raw source. Honey is the best example of this,
something that so many of us already have in our cupboards.

When picking your honey make sure you pick a good quality one. Lifeplan has great ethics and
respects the natural sources and bees who make them. They also test their rain forest honey to
make sure it is packed full of the best antibacterial properties and has a biopotency of 10+.
The brand also has great ethics when it comes to waste with a zero to landfill promise.

These amazing natural properties in honey mean it is the perfect natural ingredient to use within or
even straight as a beauty product, but how?

Face Mask

I love using honey as a face mask, it can be pretty sticky on it's own but with how soft it leaves your
skin it makes it worth it. Mixed with other simple ingredients it can also have other great benefits.
If you mix 3 spoons of honey and half a spoon of cinnamon is great for acne. They both have
fantastic anti-bacterial properties. For dry skin mash an avocado, mix with a few tablespoons of
natural yogurt and a teaspoon of honey and the mask will help sooth and moisturise your skin. If
you simply mix with lemon the properties from the lemon will help reduce dark spots or scars while
the honey works it's natural magic.

Bath Soak

Add a few spoonfuls of honey to a warm bath and you can kick back and relax while your skin gets
a great treat. How many products do we see for bath time that have honey in them and it is because
it is fantastic at naturally smoothing and softening skin. If you’re nervous about adding honey to
your bath try in a bowl first and give your hands or feet a soak and you will see it isn’t stick at all.
Alternatively look for products that are natural and have honey in them like bath bombs.

Alleviate Skin Conditions

Honey is fantastic to use for dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Spread a spoonful onto
the dry skin let sit for a little and then wash away if you mix with aloe Vera gel as well it is a great
skin treatment for sensitive skin.

If you don’t fancy using honey to your beauty routine then add it to tea for a natural sweetener.

How do you use your honey?


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