Keep Your Camping Trip Cosy With These 5 Tips

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Camping season is upon us! whether you're winging you're way to a festival or taking a lovely family trip under the stars these are my top 5 tips to have a more comfortable trip. Leaky tents and uncomfortable bedding can ruin a camping trip. Here are some tips for keeping your camping trip cosy and stress-free.

Invest in a good tent

Forget taking your parent’s old tent to save money – things will be a lot cosier in a newer tent that you know is in good condition. Many modern tents are more waterproof and have greater ventilation. You could even consider a swag with in-built bedding – you can see this page for details on these types of tent. Try putting up the tent before you go to ensure that it hasn’t got any problems.

Get seasonal with your sleeping bag

Did you know that you can buy separate winter sleeping bags and summer sleeping bags? Relying on these sleeping bags rather than a generic sleeping bag will ensure that you don’t get too hot or cold. Summer sleeping bags tend to be lighter and more compact whilst winter sleeping bags are bulkier and heavier so bear this is mind when packing.

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Don’t camp under a tree

The shade of a tree might seem like the perfect place to pitch up on a hot day, but there are various downsides to camping under a tree that make it generally unfavourable. Whilst branches above may provide some shelter from the rain, once the shower is over you’ll likely get water continuing to drip down onto you for a while after. There’s also the high likeliness of birds doing their business on your tent. On top of this, you’re more at risk of falling branches, which could potentially cause an injury. All in all, you’re better off camping under an open sky.

Bring lots of plastic bags

It’s worth bringing a load of plastic bags with you, not in case you go shopping but for storage reasons. You can use a plastic bag to store rubbish, another one to store dirty laundry, another one for keeping muddy shoes in and another wet clothing. All this can help to keep the inside of your tent clean and organised. You could even consider ziploc bags for toiletries and make-up.

Pack some duct tape

Duct tape is another item that come in useful for making DIY repairs. If the tent gets ripped, duct tape will allow you to seal up the hole so that you don’t have to deal with a leaky tent. Duct tape can also be handy for making emergency repairs to shoes, strapping items such as lanterns to your tent and fixing items such as broken chairs or ripped sleeping bags.


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