Tips For Dating Over The Summer

Hey Cats,

Chances are if you have stumbled upon this post then you're looking for love this summer. The sun is out and it is a great chance to meet some new people but where do you get started right? I am here with a few tips of places you can find someone to share the summer with. The best advice I can give you is that when it comes to dating have an open mind and no expectations then you're not letting yourself and ideals get in the way of something that can be awesome.

Try Online

These days it is the norm to meet people on a dating website . Technology is a huge part of our lives so naturally online dating is on the rise and everyone is doing it. The best thing is summer is about enjoying yourself and exploring and when you use online dating you can change the location even when you go on holiday and who knows who you will meet on your travels. It is a great way to meet new people when you don't get the chance to get outside of your social circle or live in a place where everyone knows everyone and nobody new ever moves to the village. The love of your life may have been a village over all this time and now you have the chance to meet them.

Go New Places

Like I said summer is about getting out there and having adventures and going out and exploring new places even if it is just trying a new bar or getting out in the beer garden in the sun. This can increase your chances of meeting new people even if you just make new friends you can never have to many! Over the summer there are even more events from festivals to local carnivals people who usually wouldn't go out make the effort to get out and about and enjoy the sun and that gives you a chance to meet lots of new faces. Festivals are a fab way to have a lot of fun and meet literally hundreds of people in one weekend. Plus how cool a story down the line if you met at your favourite festival. Even if you don't find love you will look back on a killer summer where you went to new places and had a lot of fun.

Dress to Impress

Personally I think everyone looks the best in the summer it is when all the bright and lovely colours come out and all the cute clothes get a chance to be worn. Get out on a shopping spree with your mates and get yourself some clothes that make you feel confident and empowered and then even if you don't feel it inside you will ooze that confident look and that will naturally have people wanting to chat to you and get to know the awesome person you are. No matter your body shape don't hide away under lots of layers if you want to wear shorts break out those legs. If you want to wear a bikini on the beach go for it loving your body will help you in any relationship and when you are really loving you that's when they start lining up.

Have you got any tips for dating this summer?



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