5 ways to Give To Charity Without Spending Money

Hey Cats,

Sometimes when people say charity then the first thing that can spring to minds in a persons head is 'I just can't afford it' , I am a big believer in helping others and that if everyone in the world just did a little something then we could get so much further. The world is an amazing place with people already paying it forward so I am going to talk you through 5 ways you can give to charity without spending a penny but helping them just as much maybe more.


Your time is the most beautiful and valuable thing you can give to anyone or any organisation. There are lots of places you can volunteer from your local charity shop to schools. For my day job I actually am an assistant manager in a charity shop and the kindness I see every day from the volunteers is beautiful. Giving your time can also get you new friends, skills and a great worth ethic so may of our volunteers have moved on to paid jobs and still come back to give a little of their time because they just love the environment.

We do lots of fun things as well as work like fundraising, social parties and getting to visit labs to see where all the money we raise goes. Before this I worked in international volunteering as you may remember trips to Turkey and the Staffordshire hoard there are so many opportunities out there you just need to find the one that suits you. 

Give unwanted items

There are times we all loved that top and then never wore it or bought too much at the supermarket. There are lots of charities that can raise money or even use the items in a great way. Charity shops raise thousands for maybe even millions for such amazing causes and did you know at Cancer research only 30p of every pound goes into running the shop so that's 70p that goes straight to the scientists to work on amazing developments to prevent and hopefully one day cure Cancer. 

Charity shops can sell your wearable clothing but did you know that they can also make money from any damaged clothing too! Old shoes, holey jumpers or dirty coats can all go to raising money for an important cause. There are lots of charities who can use your clothes, toiletries and sleeping bags to go directly to someone and even charities that collect spare sanitary and underwear for women around the world.

Help Promote

The main thing for any charity is getting the word out there it could be about the amazing work they are doing or a food or donation drive they need support with. If you have great networking skills then put those skills to use and help out a local charity. A few years ago I worked with a group of young people to get food parcels to hand to our local food bank to ensure that nobody went hungry over Christmas time and they were very well received this was simply by asking friends and family to donate one or two food items. You will be surprised at how easy it can be and this kind of help is priceless. If you're a blogger work with charities to get their amazing word out there the more people that know about the fantastic work being done in the world the more people will be willing to help out. 

Organise A Fundraiser

Organising fundraising events is probably one of my favourite parts of my job. There are so many possibilities from taking a collection box into work to organising a family fun day. It can be as simple as having a pamper evening at home in my Body Shop group I run pamper fundraisers all the time where we can get together have snacks and lots of cake and really enjoy each others company while still raising money it really does have to be that simple. If you are in a band just do an event that is for a charity or organise a raffle at your local moms and toddlers group. 

Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is all about being kind to each other taking the time to listen to someone in need or offering some water to a homeless person can really make a difference. Random acts of kindness are taking the world by storm and I love hearing about peoples kinds acts they should be celebrated and encouraged because the more they are shouted about the more people will follow. Humanity has this complex that we shouldn't 'brag' about being kind and we don't have to be showing off we just need to celebrate and encourage. 

What will you do to help out?


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