5 Ways To Get Your Single Dad Back Into Dating

Hey Cats,

Sometimes our parents are so busy being parents that they don’t take time out for themselves and as we get older we may find ourselves with single parents for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason maybe it’s time to help Dad move on and find a new love in his life. Most likely he will be stubborn and say he is fine but maybe he just doesn’t know his options but with your help he can get himself back out there if not only for a bowls buddy or pub quiz pal. Always make sure you have his consent nobody wants to be stuck in an awkward blind date situation and he needs to agree he is ready.

Online Dating

Trying a bit of online dating is a great way for him to test the waters and see how it feels chatting to other singles. He can also see what other people are single and build up a bit of confidence before going on any dates. Getting a feel of what it is like chatting to new potential companions can really give him a taste of if dating is what he really wants or if he just wants to find some new pals. Dating sites are often not just about dating as long as he is clear with the people he chats to about what he wants then everyone is happy.

Dating Agency

If he then thinks that dating is definitely for him then he could try a dating agency . These are great places to go on a few dates and get matched up with people of similar interests and ideals. You can find dating agencies both online or in person and in some senses dating sites are a kind of dating agency that they can be filtered to match him up with people in the area he is looking with key interests and hobbies. If he prefers face to face then there are also lots of very personalised services that can make these matches and also coach along the way which can also help with those awkward situations if the date didn’t go as planned. Having someone or something as a go between can really add a sense of comfort and security.

Speed dating

Speed dating isn’t just for young love and is used all over the world as a quick and snappy way for lots of people to make connections all at once. They may even be holding one at his local pub or favourite golf club. Lots of speed dating places do specialised older dating events and sometimes they even tailor them to themes of interest like sports or music. Speed dating sounds really scary but it’s actually just having a quick chat with some people sometimes as little as under 10 or if he is feeling brave he could go to a larger one to increase the chances of meeting new love. These kinds of events can be a lot of fun and he may just enjoy the experience.

Get dancing

Joining a local dance class or taking up a new hobby could mean not only finding something fun to do but also another way of meeting new people. Many dance instructors run over 40s single or group sessions where other singles go along and learn to dance. If the fear of not being partnered up is a worry then there are lots of fun dancing like line dancing where you still get the fun of meeting new people without the worry that nobody will dance with you. Have a chat with your local dance instructor and they will be able to help you pick the right kind of class for you, they want you to have fun and the extra bonus is it can get your heart racing in other ways too.

Get social

In the same way of joining a dance class getting out socialising naturally will give him the chance to meet new people. It could be joining a local pub quiz team or as simple as taking more walks in the park but being open and friendly smiling and making the effort to chat to people more from bus stops to shops you never know who will be on the other end of the smile. Chatting with new people always makes anyone fell better and well connected you may even find that the lady at the post office with the lovely eyes has been single this whole time. Connections are everywhere and even if they aren’t for love when we are making connections then even if we find love isn’t for us those little budding friendships can really make the world a lovely place.

Do you have any tips to get your dads dating?



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