5 Festivals From Around The World That Are A Must

Hey Cats,

Ever since I went to my first festival I have been hooked, I just love the solidarity and energy of people coming together. I started when I was around 15 when I went to Reading festival and was blown away by how awesome and fun everyone was and that sense of belonging not to mention some amazing music. Since then I have packed in many more music festivals and have explored celebrations in general and then Destination2: Holidays asked me what international festivals I wanted to visit...so lets go exploring together. If festivals aren't your thing then what about New years eve cruises in Sydney?

Burning Man- Nevada USA

Burning man has been on my wishlist forever it sounds like the perfect combination of creative and crazy. Every year people are drawn to this community of self exploration and expression where your inner artist can really unleash. Inspired by summer solstice the burning of the 'man' is a radical expression to open your creative self. This festival had inspired so many others all over the world and I would just adore to explore the artistic world and talent. I love going to festivals where you feel like you're entering a whole new world which is why I raved about Boomtown in the UK as it was certainly inspired by burning man and the creativity that surrounds it. This is not just an event but a culture and a community where anyone can go and feel like they can find a place in the open and welcoming community which is why I would love to go and meet so many wonderful and talented people. 

Holi- Indian and Sri Lanka

Holi is a festival celebrated all around the world by Hindus to represent the end of winter and the colours of spring coming in. Having been to Sri Lanka and loving how kind and welcoming the people there were I would love to revisit for a day of fun and vibrant colour. The traditional significance is overcoming the evil with good and celebrating that with colour. Sounds just perfect to me! It is important to remember that this is a religious celebration and although the welcoming Hindu community encourage people to join in that you must also respect the roots and religious values of the day. 

Carnevale- Venice Italy

If masks scare you then this is definitely not the festival for you but if you love dressing up in decadent designs and exploring your more theatrical creative side then Italy has so many Carnivals you can attend but the most renown and stunning is in Venice. In the traditional sense this is a celebration that takes place before lent having a final party before entering into 40 days of lent. This festival is celebrated around the world and you may know it as Mardi gras popular in places like New Orleans but on less of a drunken scale in Venice and more a celebration of creativity and elegance. The excuse to be able to wear such beautiful clothing is enough to want to go to this festival and such a great way to explore the stunning canals of Venice. 

La Tomatina- Bunol Spain

La Tomatina is unlike no other festival for the fact that it doesn't stem from any religious or cultural inspiration and was born purely out of fun. Back in 1945 during a parade locals started throwing around food and over the years this fun festival has opened its doors to invite people to have fun and get a tomato in the face and ear and well get soaked. This looks like crazy chaos and something I would love to take part in even if it means never wanting to eat a tomato again. 

Songkran Water Festival - Thailand 

If you feel like you need to hose off after the tomato festival then this water festival in Thailand could be for you. As part of the Thai new year and new beginnings thousands gather for a huge water fight the water celebrates new beginnings and is a great way to wash away the year and have a great time in the process. I love how much fun this looks and the significance really is beautiful. 

what festivals are you longing to go to around the world?



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