The Best Architectural Hotspots In Europe

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Everybody loves to travel for different reasons. Some people are just looking to get away from the
hustle and bustle of modern life so they’ll head to countries with hot sun and sandy beaches. Other
people like to travel to places where they can find amazing food and drink or experience new cultures
that are wildly different to our own. Some like activity packed adventure holidays or countries filled
with natural beauty spots. But some people find joy in wandering around a city filled with beautiful
architecture and taking it all in. If that sounds like your perfect idea of a holiday,
Europe has some amazing destinations for you. These are the best European destinations where
you can find some of the most incredible architecture in the world.


You probably haven’t even considered any of the cities right here at home but it’s worth keeping in
mind if you’re on a budget. The history of the entire continent is played out in
the architecture of our capital city and if you haven’t taken much notice of it before, it’s worth visiting
again. Amongst all of the modern skyscrapers you can find examples of Gothic, medieval,
Renaissance and restoration era buildings. As a native, we don’t often think of the tourist attractions
like the Tower of London or the Houses of Parliament in architectural terms but it’s worth taking a
proper look and appreciating them next time you’re in London.


Athens is often the first European destination that comes to mind when you’re looking for
a city with great architecture. The Greeks created modern civilisation as we know it and you can see
this rich history and heritage in the buildings that remain. There are so many amazing religious
buildings and the site of some of the biggest events in Greek history. While you’re there, make sure
to visit the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Greek Parliament, and the Theatre of
Dionysus. These relics are the first examples of buildings on this scale and, considering when they
were built, they’re incredibly impressive. Athens is an absolute must for anybody that is passionate
about architecture.


Paris is known for its quaint cafes, rich art scene and amazing food but it’s also home to some
incredible architecture as well. The Eiffel tower is, of course, worth visiting but that’s only the tip of
the iceberg. The Latin quarter is one of the best places to stay in Paris if you want to see some
amazing architecture. The area is a throwback to the days of the Roman Empire and all of those
beautiful historical buildings have been brilliantly preserved. There you’ll find a Roman amphitheatre,
the ruins of the world famous Roman baths and the impressive University of Paris built in the middle
ages. The area itself has a very vibrant nightlife and is popular with students so if you’re looking for
some excitement alongside the architectural sights, the Latin quarter in Paris is the perfect place for


If you want to find architecture that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and breaks outside
the mould of conventional building, Barcelona is the best European destination for you. Modernists
like Gaudi have put their own unique stamp on the city’s architecture, creating a beautiful artistic
reflection of the ideals of freedom and creative expression that are central to the character of the city.
One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the architecture of Barcelona is to
take a tour of the buildings designed by Gaudi himself. There are some incredible buildings along the
route, the most famous being La Sagrada Familia; the awe inspiring church that started construction
in 1892 and is still not finished. You can get a great view of the city if you climb the long staircase up
one of the towers. There’s no better way to see Barcelona than from the top of La Sagrada Familia.


So much of Europe was destroyed during the Second World War so a lot of the incredible historical
buildings were lost forever. But Prague is a city that was left completely untouched so you can see
some of the best historical monuments in the world. You’ll find 8 centuries of history, perfectly
preserved as you walk around this beautiful city. While it has become a popular destination for stag
parties and lads holidays because of the cheap beer, it’s still a brilliant cultural hotspot for architecture

Every single one of these cities gives you the chance to experience a slice of history around every
corner. If you’re interested in architecture, these places should definitely be on your bucket list.


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